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*Twice Shy* organic fashion

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Modern, organic fashion. Sustainability is Sexy.

TWICE SHY was born out of a personal fashion dilemma in the lives of its founder's: where to find cool, urban clothes made from organically grown and sustainable fabrics. Twice Shy is out to prove to the world that sustainability can be sexy. Organic fashion for sinners, everywhere.

Clean Slate

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Customized organic blanks for your business.

Organic Blanks....because it feels good. We make everything from t-shirt to baby sleepers. For orders over 50 units the SILK SCREENING is INCLUDED in the price.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

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Stop by LUSH for fresh handmade cosmetics

LUSH, the up-beat British brand of fresh handmade cosmetics is known for its ethical and innovative approach to bath, body, hair care and skin care. The self-appointed cosmetic grocer produces high quality products that are 100% vegetarian, 74% vegan, minimally packaged, contain the smallest amount of preservatives and never tested on animals. Whats more, our creative buying team travels all over the world in search of the most sustainable, organic, and Fair Trade ingredients and raw materials.

Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (CAAR)

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Help protect wild salmon and ocean health.

The Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform is a coalition of nine conservation groups, First Nations and scientists from British Columbia, Canada. Formed in 2001, CAAR works to ensure salmon farming on our coast is safe for wild salmon, marine ecosystems, coastal communities and human health. Over 80% of the farmed salmon produced in BC is exported to the US, primarily to California. Californians can help protect wild salmon and ocean health all along the Pacific coast by making sustainable (and tasty) decisions! Visit our booth to find out more.

Daiya Foods

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Deliciously Dairy Free Products The Whole Family Will Love.

Daiya products are a revolutionary cheese alternative that is free of most common allergens including: dairy (lactose and casein), gluten, soy, egg, peanuts, and tree nuts (excluding coconut oil). Daiya products are also vegan, OU kosher pareve, and free of preservatives. Daiya products are trans fat and cholesterol free, with only 90 calories per serving.

SunPod Greenhouses

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Connecting Ecology and Urban Life

SunPod Greenhouses manufactures and distributes the SunPod, an elegant, engineered and eco-conscious growing system. Greenhouse growing designed with a small footprint: both structurally and environmentally.The SunPod is designed to be a beautiful part of any garden: from the backyard to the back porch. It is an ideal growing environment; for starting seeds, protecting young seedlings and frost sensitive plants, container gardening, vegetable, flower and all season growing. The SunPod increases yields and plant choices, extends the growing season and can be used all year round. The SunPod is hand-crafted from Forest Stewardship Council certified Western Red Cedar and stainless steel hardware. All wood components are coated with an organic linseed oil finish that is double boiled, and does not peel or flake into your garden.Realize the difference you can make to the health of your own life and that of the planet just by growing a small amount of your own food in a sustainable manner. Growing with SunPod Greenhouses ensures garden success from seed to sprout, from salad to sustenance.


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Plant-based natural health and performance products

The leader in plant-based natural health and performance products, Vega is dedicated to delivering premium, innovative and authentic wellness solutions to its customers. Vega is an industry-leading and sustainable company providing purposeful products for people everywhere.

Planet Inc.

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Certified biodegradable cleaning products & super soft paper prod...

Dedicated to keeping your home and environment protected, Planet is the only widely available brand of certified biodegradable household cleaning products that really work. Hypo-allergenic and cruelty free. Great for people with skin allergies and chemical sensitivities. We are also the makers of Green Forest soft, 100% recycled chlorine free paper products!

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Distributor of organic rubber cervical contour pillows

Natural Sleep Comforts Inc. is a Canadian based distributor of organic rubber cervical contour pillows which serve as an alternative choice to chemical memory foam and synthetic pillows.