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Resources for conserving and reusing food storage bags

Bag-E-Wash is an innovative dishwasher accessory that allows consumers to safely and effectively wash and dry their zipper-style food storage bags in the dishwasher. One box of 30(gallon)size bags washed with Bag-E-Wash and reused 50 times each keeps 1,500 bags out of the landfills and saves $150. So don't throw, reuse them! We also carry bag dryers, BYO reusable produce bags, Bio Fresh bags and reusable grocery totes. Get a grip on your bags!

Phone: 612-532-1407

Peace Coffee

2801 21st Avenue South Suite 120, Minneapolis, MN, United States of America, 55407 - View Map

100% fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee

A cultural, social and consumable revolution with grounds firmly fixed in a farmer friendly, fair trade reality. 100% of our beans are fair trade, organic and shade grown, purchased directly from farmer-owned cooperatives around the world. Delivered locally in Minneapolis by bicycle year round.

Phone: 612 870 3440

Foat Design

1828 Marshall St NE, #11, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55418 - View Map

Independently run yogawear and recycled street apparel company

Foat Design is a small, independent business, created and run by twin sisters, Kaja and Zoë Foat. As a company, Foat Design is dedicated to making durable, functional, and stylish clothing specifically for those who want to maintain a healthy, earth-conscious lifestyle coupled with a modern, urban life. We are sweatshop free. All products are custom manufactured locally to ensure a high standard of quality, maintain the integrity of our designs, and to support the workforce of our community.

Phone: 800-658-1448

French Meadow Bakery

2604 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55408 - View Map

Delicious Organic Hemp Brownies & Rolls

French Meadow Bakery is committed to baking the most nutritious and best tasting breads, rolls, bagels, tortillas and sweet goods,while supporting organic farms. We use only certified organic grains that are grown in balance and harmony with nature, which sustains the health of our bodies and the health of our planet.

Phone: 612-870-4740

Renewing the Countryside - Green Routes

2105 First Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55404 - View Map

Resources to make your rural life a reality. Green travel.

Renewing the Countryside strengthens rural areas by championing and supporting rural communities, farmers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, activists and other people who are renewing the countryside through sustainable and innovative initiatives, businesses, and projects. By sharing stories of rural renewal, Renewing the Countryside builds awareness and support for sustainable endeavors, connects people interested in sustainable rural development to each other, provides practical assistance and networking opportunities for those working to improve rural America, and fosters connections between urban and rural people. Where culture, cuisine and conservation come together, Renewing the Countryside's GREEN ROUTES program is an easy-to-use website-based tool to help "green travelers" find one-of-a-kind places to eat, play, shop, sleep, and learn in Minnesota (eventually throughout the U.S.).

Phone: 866-378-0587

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Hand-crafted, fairtrade certified goods from a women's coop in Ghana

Global Mamas enhances the international marketplace with unique, high quality, African-made products, and at the same time provides sustainable livelihoods for women in Africa. Our producers use methods that are traditional arts which have been passed down through generations.

Phone: 800-338-3032

Moss Envy

3056 Excelsior Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, 55416 - View Map

Moss Envy sells eco conscious products for your home and life.

Moss Envy specializes in eco conscious products for your home and life. Our collection includes a diverse range from jewelry to building supplies. Every product that is sold at Moss Envy was chosen because of its eco-attributes and is somehow better for you, your family, your community, or your world.

Phone: 612-374-4581