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Christy Hemenway, Owner/Founder, Gold Star Honeybees

The How & Why of Top Bar Hives For the bees, "It's All About the Wax!"  Clean natural beeswax, that is. Learn how and why top bar hives support the natural systems at work inside the beehive-and how they make beekeeping easier for the beekeeper too! » More Info

Colleen Poling, Registered Dietitian, The Nutrition Translator

A vegan diet is about living compassionately and more consciously.This purposeful way of living will bring you inner peace, and complete nutrition!Learn how a vegan diet can offer you zen, and meet your nutritional needs » More Info

Derek Sarno, Co-founder, chef, plant pusher, Wicked Healthy

Wicked Bad Ass Vegan » More Info

Doctor J. Lamar Gray, The Workplace Zone

Strong emotional health, in the workplace is a combination of high-levels of Self-Esteem: self-efficacy and self-respect; & Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy & social skills. » More Info

Glen Andresen, Owner, Bridgetown Bees

Ever thought of keeping a hive of honeybees in your backyard? Or what it takes to get started? This presentation will give an overview of honeybees and some thoughts to ponder in deciding whether beekeeping is for you » More Info

Kinsey Cronin, Director of Business Development, StartEngine

Staying True to Your Mission by Securing Capital from the Crowd » More Info

Portland School of Rock House Band

The Portland School of Rock House Band is a select group within the school that represent the Portland School of Rock. This is an hour long performance on the Sustainable Innovations Stage. » More Info

Tal Cohen, LAc. DOAM, Foundation for Wellness Professionals

Secrets to Health -Health concepts of Chinese and Functional medicine. -Improving metabolism to feel more energy. -Eliminating toxins from body and lose extra weight -Lifestyle and nutritional recommendations for a long and healthy life. » More Info

Abby Beauchamp, Practitioner/Owner, Ortho Healing Center & Student Clinic for Humans * Dogs * Horse

Abby Beauchamp offers a demonstration presentation on Ortho-Bionomy. A holistic, neuro-muscular bodywork. This is new in Oregon, as the laws have changed 2 years ago to have it recognized as a stand-alone modality. » More Info

Abigail Steinberg, Author, Southern California Sales & Education Manager, WellNext

Abigail Steinberg is the author of Recipe for Success: An Insider’s Guide to Bringing Your Natural Food to Market, published by AMACOM, a guide for natural food entrepreneurs to help them launch a successful businesses. » More Info

Adrienne Pierce, Head of Business Development, The CSR Group

Small enterprises often don't have people trained in sustainability practices. Tools can help define and cultivate their programs to reduce impact, save money and meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets. » More Info

Alan Hackler, Owner/Lead Designer, Contractor, Bay Maples: Wild California Gardens

Alan Hackler, from Bay Maples: wild California gardens, a Design/Build landscape company from San Jose, CA. will share his insight, techniques and tricks for designing and building ecologically appropriate garden spaces. » More Info

Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director - Earth Rights Institute

Claiming their Rights and Responsibilities to Mother Earth: Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are now living in ecovillages and ecological family homesteads. Join us for inspiring stories and photos of the new world dawning! » More Info

Alec and Nicole Griffin, Co-Founders, World Progress Now

Everyone becomes a tourist the moment they leave their home. Learn how to take your green lifestyle on the go and minimize the impact you have on the planet by traveling responsibly. » More Info

Alec Griffin, Co-Founder, World Progress Now

The Unintended Consequences of Traditional Tourism. Tourism can be a powerful tool for providing positive economic growth however traditional tourism models also tend to produce large amounts of physical waste, pollution, infrastructure strain, » More Info

Alex Artymiak, Yoga & Meditation Expert - Green Yoga Pavilion

Alex Artymiak is a yoga and meditation teacher from Santa Monica, California. He has dedicated his life to the study of consciousness. He uses yoga and meditation as tools to freeing tension from the physical body, the emotions and the mind... » More Info

Alex Dean, President - The Alexander Group Inc.

Alex Dean, President and CEO of The Alexander Group, graduated from Boston University with a B.A., in interdisciplinary studies, a self-designed curriculum in architecture, solar energy, business and environmental law and business management... » More Info

Alex Eaves

Alex Eaves is a self proclaimed Reuse Pro who lives and breathes a reuse life. He's also now a filmmaker, having just launched the documentary, REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. "This film isn't about our waste problem. It's about... » More Info

Alex Forsythe, Chef, Taste Marketing

Mission is to raise food conscious and showcase unique cooking applications from yesteryear, today and the future. » More Info

Alexandra Nagy

Alexandra Nagy is the Southern California Organizer at the Los Angeles branch of Food & Water Watch. She works within Los Angeles and greater Southern California region to advocate for consumer health issues, namely food safety, the human right to... » More Info

Alexis Acar, Founder / Sustainability Manager, Trail Mix

Trail Mix: Connecting People To The Environment Through Music. » More Info

Alexis Posternak

A revolutionary since childhood and a pioneer in the online media space, Alexis Posternak has worked with top brands such as DreamWorks, SKG., Universal Studios, Nissan, Bank of America, and Carl's Jr., and has launched several... » More Info

Alicia Rivera, Community Organizer, Communities for a Better Environment

Alicia is a Community Organizer with Communities for a Better Environment, focused in Wilmington, CA, helping Wilmington residents to make local refineries safer, cleaner, and accountable for their emissions..... » More Info

Alisa Gravitz, President & CEO Green America

For nearly 30 years, Alisa Gravitz has led Green America, the national green economy organization. Green America develops marketplace solutions to social and environmental problems with a key focus on tackling climate change, building fair trading... » More Info

Alison Cohen

Mindfulness 101: An experiential introduction to mindfulness practice. This engaging interactive presentation will include guided mindfulness practices, Q&A, and discussion. » More Info

Alix Davidson

Davidson is the Director of Standards and Certification at Green America, a national nonprofit organization with over 30 years working with consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace to create a socially just and sustainable economy... » More Info

Allan Richter, Editor - Energy Times

Award-winning journalist Allan Richter has been reporting on business and consumer issues for more than 30 years. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Newsday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Business 2.0, among other publications. » More Info

Allyson Owens, Founder, Pleni Naturals

The MADE SAFETM seal offers brands and retailers a roadmap for making safe products and a tool for marketing them. The MADE SAFE Screening Process is a game changer, defining “safe” and “nontoxic” for consumer products by... » More Info

Alvaro Casanova, Pollution Prevention Advocate, Center for Environmental Health

This presentation is for early child care educators and parents on toxic chemicals found in furniture and children’s products. It will cover the necessary knowledge to avoid and reduce exposure to chemicals of concern. » More Info

Amanda Awethu, Founder - Intrinsic Motivation

Amanda Awethu

Amanda Awethu is a personal empowerment coach, motivational speaker, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, freelance writer, and U.S. Peace Corps volunteer. In 2014, she founded Intrinsic Motivation, a positive living and... » More Info

Amie Barsky

A lighthearted, silly yet sincere, heath conscious human being who's been teaching in the health and wellness community for over 10 years. "Zest" for life would be an understatement... » More Info

Amie Hamlin

Amie Hamlin is Executive Director and founding member of the Coalition for Healthy School Food. Amie wrote a legislative resolution for New York State in 2004, and has since worked to change how schools feed kids. The Coalition is a past winner of... » More Info

Amie Hamlin, Executive Director, Coalition for Healthy School Food

Changing How Schools Feed Kids: Vegetarian Menus for Health, the Environment, and Animals Why change how schools feed kids? We have a health crisis, an environmental crisis, and billions of animals are suffering unnecessarily. » More Info

Amy Gansell, Ph.D

Amy Gansell, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Art History at St. John's University (in Queens, NYC), where she teaches courses on ancient and non-Western art and architecture. She has a special interest in ancient and Islamic gardens, on which... » More Info

Amy Greeson

Amy, CEO of Natural Discoveries, Inc. & Founder/Executive Director of 501c3 non profit, Healing Seekers, treks to remote biodiverse regions of Planet Earth to capture the wonders of life. Healing Seekers' educational videos have won 5 Telly Awards... » More Info

Amy Pearl

Amy Pearl founded Hatch Innovation in 2004 to enable citizens to create new kinds of enterprises that transform how we build a livable future. Over her career she has developed many innovative educational programs to help address our... » More Info

Amy van Saun

Amy is a longtime environmentalist and a lover of good food. Combining these passions, Amy works as a legal fellow with the Center for Food Safety (CFS) in their Portland, Oregon office. CFS is a national non-profit public interest and... » More Info

Amy Ziff, Founder and Executive Director, Made Safe

The MADE SAFETM seal offers brands and retailers a roadmap for making safe products and a tool for marketing them. The MADE SAFE Screening Process is a game changer, defining “safe” and “nontoxic” for consumer products by... » More Info

Andres Marquez-Lara

Andres is a skilled facilitator who integrates his background in the fields of mental health, community engagement, and theater through the company he founded, Promethean Community LLC. They harnesses the power of performing arts to catalyze... » More Info

Andrew Keegan

Andrew Keegan is an actor, entrepreneur, and community leader fully committed to the development of an expansive social movement. Known for his acting roles, he is as much an activator of artistic talent as he is his own creative force... » More Info

Andrew Millison, Instructor, Founder, Oregon State University, Permaculture Design International

Take a world tour of the most awesome Permaculture sites on the Planet. We'll visit projects on every inhabited continent and view a wide spectrum of what people have created at different scales and in diverse climates. » More Info

Andrew Sealy. Green Yoga Pavilion

Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to... » More Info

Angela Chou, Founder/CEO, Utterly

Join a panel of product entrepreneurs and experts on navigating the thread of socially conscious fashion produced in the Greater Bay. Understand where and how your clothing is made. » More Info

Angela Sun, Filmmaker, Plastic Paradise Documentary

A look at what is next for plastic pollution and the growing problem » More Info

Angela Vincent

Angela Vincent is the voice of the children’s character, Queen Green, a depiction of Mother Nature who teaches environmental lessons through rhyme and song. Angela teamed up with her mother, Marisa Vincent, to co-create the children’s book and... » More Info

Ann Finneran

Ann Finneran - a Share International volunteer for over thirty years, Finneran adheres to the organization’s view of distributive justice via sharing as paramount. In 2004, she was one of the charter founders of Sullivan Alliance for... » More Info

Anna Meyer

Anna Meyer is the Food Campaigns Coordinator at Green America. She works to educate consumers about the food system through extensive reports and blogs discussing industrial agriculture, GMOs, and other food and sustainability issues. Anna holds... » More Info

Annabel Hertz, Author & Advisor - Arch Institute/Global Footprint Network

Annie de la Bouillerie Goeke, Co-Director - Earth Rights Institute

Annie Goeke, a former leader in the Green and Peace movement, co-founder/Director for Earth Rights Institute with 25 years of leadership and experience in planning, developing, and maintaining programs using sustainable, holistic approaches for... » More Info
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