Portland 2016 Brand Award Winners

Congratulations to the Portland Brand Award Winner and Finalists

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Thank You to our Portland Brand Award Judges

Erik Wolf, Executive Director, World Food Travel Association

Risa Meynarez, CEO, Consumers Everywhere

Abigail Steinberg, Southern California Sales & Education Manager, WellNext

Congratulations to our Brand Award Winner!

Khala Cloths - A reusable alternative to plastic when wrapping and storing food http://www.khalacloths.com/

brand award


NYR Organic - Organic hand-crafted European skincare and beauty products https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/alisag/

Homegrown Trailers - The most sustainable and healthy RVs on the road http://www.homegrowntrailers.com/

Ortho-Bionomy - Gentle Touch Bodywork, Powerful Natural Healing http://ortho-bionomy.org/

Primal Kitchen - We create delicious, nutrient-dense condiments, dressings, supplements & bars http://www.primalkitchen.com/