San Francisco Brand Award Finalists

Congratulations to the San Francisco Brand Award Winner and Finalists 

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 1st Place Winner:

San Francisco Conservation Corps - Offering young people opportunities to develop themselves, their academic abilities and marketable job skills while addressing community needs through service work.


ISOThrive - Naturally fermented ISOThrive prebiotic nectar is both the oldest and newest of prebiotics.

We The Smart Finger Puppet - A fun, interactive, and motivational learning tool that works as a stylus with all touchscreen devices.

Karma Nuts - Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free protein, Kosher, Perfect for snacking for any occasion.

Miracle Noodle - Bring the fun of noodles without the guilt to health conscious people of all ages.

Thank You to our Brand Award Judges

Paul Herman: CEO – HIP Investor Ratings + Portfolios

Abigail Steinberg: Southern California Sales & Education Manager, WellNext & Author of Recipe For Success

Corey Hill: CEO – Indie Food Hub