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Saturday 9/21

  Main Stage Stage A Stage B Good Food Stage Green Kids Zone Yoga

Fran Teplitz and Todd Larsen (Green America)

Take Charge of Your Credit

Millions of Americans have moved their money from megabanks to local credit unions and banks. But what about your megabank credit cards? Every charge you make supports fossil fuels, polluters and consumer abuses. Find a card that supports the causes you value with all the benefits of a megabank card.

Hillary Banachowski (Sacred Roots)

Making Herbal Tinctures 101

Herbs have been a worldwide staple for vitality, health and wellness since time began. These powerful healing allies can be used in a variety of ways to support our physical, emotional and energetic well being. Come learn the basics of how to make your own herbal tincture.

Leslie Durso (Veggie Dreamgirl)

Vegan Meatballapalooza

Vegan Chef Leslie Durso takes the mystery meat out of meatballs with a crash-course in plant-based ingredients to replace meat/dairy staples like egg, butter and beef—followed by step-by-step creation of vegan meatballs and dipping sauces. Balancing food safety with entertainment, Leslie covers her favorite everyday vegan tips to keep meals hearty, nutritious and delicious. Guests leave with recipes and a whole lotta meatball love.

All Day


Building Bookmarks, Magazine Magnets, Scrappy Bracelets


National Aquarium

Wildlife and Climate Change



"Bringing It Home"

Special Film Presentation

Here in the U.S.A, industrial hemp could be a money-making crop for farmers and create jobs. But why can’t we grow it here? "Bringing It Home" is a documentary that explores hemp's past, present and future with animation, archival footage and interviews with business owners who are using it for construction, textiles, nutrition, soaps and bio-plastics in the U.S.A and abroad.

Elizabeth O’Connell (Green America)

Do You Wear FAIR?

Since the collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh this April, consumers and businesses alike are faced with the question of how to ensure their products are made responsibly. Learn from three Green Business Network members about their own sourcing decisions, and how you as a consumer can support more ethical production processes.

JoElle Lee (JoElle SkinCare)

Beautiful Skin Begins Within

Learn the ins and outs of aging and tips for younger-looking skin, from the inside out. Properly apply products, simplify your skincare regimen at home and juice to improve the skin from the inside out. As a highly regarded expert in the field, JoElle is a popular lecturer and national educator in the skin care industry, and is the Personal Esthetician to First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Kristen Bocanegra (momme meals)

Seasonally Fresh No-Cook Meals

Turn a handful of fresh fall produce into an extraordinary meal without ever turning on the stove. Learn some simple tricks and tips - like the outline for a go-to vinaigrette - that help save you time in the kitchen while enhancing the beautiful flavors of seasonal produce.


Alleah Clark, RYT

Embrace Flow



Blissful Being and Iklectic

"Yoga: Poetry in Motion"

This 15 minute presentation takes a journey through the artistic and natural aspects of yoga. Local yoga teachers of all ages nationalities and sizes will model eco friendly fashion while preforming acro yoga, sun salutations and sacred dance set to a mix of yogic songs and poetry written and performed by yoga teachers. We meld the Green Festival's message of sustainability and the beauty and power of yoga and movement, bringing a unique and beautiful view of these two worlds to all participants.

Alisa Gravitz (Green America)

Inside GMOs: A Survivor’s Guide

Large agribusiness and chemical companies oppose our right to know when our foods contain GMOs. These same companies put GMOs on the market without adequate testing – turning us all into a living experiment. Hear from experts on how you can influence the country’s largest food companies to take GMOs out of our food chain and learn more about state-wide labeling initiatives.

Justen Garrity (Veteran Compost)

Composting at Home

Composting at home is a great way to reduce your waste and create rich soil. We'll cover different ways to compost in an urban or suburban setting including tumblers, compost piles and worm bins. We'll also discuss how to avoid common mistakes and how to use your finished compost effectively in your garden, lawn, or with indoor plants.

Todd Wiss (Firefly Restaurant)

Healthy Kitchen

To Chef Todd Wiss, America is a place where a wealth of culinary traditions can be blended using healthy, seasonal ingredients. Todd shares tips and tricks to prepare tasty vegan and vegetarian soups and casseroles on his menus using alternative ingredients and binders.


Gretchen Schrock, RYT

Embrace Flow



Ralph Nader (Bestselling Author of Told You So: The Big Book of Weekly Columns)

Building a Sustainable Future

More than ever, America needs fresh ideas—and bold solutions. Ralph Nader will present his ideas on the various approaches citizens can take to displace many parts of the corporate political economy ranging from innovative new programs to create job growth with fair wages, to replace the "Hydrocarbon Complex," to foster community control of health, housing, credit, energy and transportation policies and to build democratic power with roots.

Misha D. Clive (Green America)

The Big Green Opportunity: Discover the Secret Success Story of the Green Economy

Find out how small businesses and conscious consumers are transforming the way America does business. Whether it's organic food, green building, hybrids, or Fair Trade, GREEN is IN. The findings of our groundbreaking study will help you shift to green, face business challenges or launch a new green business.

Katie Lupo (Gearin' Up Bicycles)

Basic Bicycle Commuting & DIY Repairs

Bicycling can be a great way to spice up your daily commute – as long as you are prepared for the ride! From the bike laws of D.C. to what you can wear while riding to work, we have you covered. Following our discussion, we present a DIY session on how to make some of your own basic bike repairs.

Bernadine Prince, Ibtisam Vincent, Nikki Caporale (FRESHFARM Markets)

FoodPrints--Kids Love Kale!

Raw Tuscan Kale Salad is the overwhelmingly favorite food of over 500 FoodPrints' students at Watkins Elementary School. See how easy it is to make this tasty salad with your family!

River and Trail Outfitters

Adventure is Out There


Dianna Lundbohm

Embrace Flow



John Perkins (Bestselling Author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and Hoodwinked)

Geo-Politics, the Future, and You: A Call to Action

John Perkins will discuss his experiences as an economic hit man, the empire that resulted, and the plan presented in his book Hoodwinked for creating a sustainable, just, and peaceful world. He will discuss the epiphany that initiated his personal change and the reasons he is optimistic that we can create human societies our children will be proud to inherit.

Stephanie Janczak (Ford Motor Company)

Ford Motor Company: The Future of Personal Mobility

Stephanie Janzak, Manager of Global EVSE Technology and Deployment for Ford Motor Company's Sustainability and Vehicle Environmental Matters, will talk about Ford's current and future electrified vehicle fleet, how organically-based sustainable materials are being incorporated into Ford vehicles and how Ford is looking to the future of personal mobility in a world facing the limits of growth.

Meredith Sheperd (Love & Carrots)

Making the Most out of Small Gardens

Most yards in the city are not the large, flat, full sun spaces ideal for vegetable gardening. Most people in the city have smaller yards, or just patios, decks, or have part sun. Come hear some tips on how to make your less-than-ideal gardening space produce as much food as it can.

Phil Fox (Protein Bar)

Protein Bar Presents: Cooking with Quinoa

Protein Bar's Chef Phil explores quinoa as a high-protein, delicious ingredient, focusing on the versatility of quinoa used in breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Samples are available for the audience.


Faith Hunter

Embrace Flow



3:30pm: Chenniah Patrick

Healthy Me



Fashion Fights Poverty featuring the Elizabeth St John Couture Collection

“Fashionably Green” Fashion Show: Showcasing Sustainable Style

Fashion Fights Poverty (FFP) raises awareness for initiatives that encourage and support creative, effective, and sustainable means of challenging poverty. We believe that the industries of fashion, textiles, and design offer unique and effective opportunities for designers, artisans, and consumers alike to contribute to the alleviation of poverty through trade, skill building, community empowerment and consumer awareness.

Bernadine Prince (FRESHFARM Markets), Pam Hess (Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture), Alice Chalmers (Future Harvest-Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture), Wendy Stuart (Food Works Group), Whitney Pipkin (Journalist)

Food as a Catalyst for Environmental Discussion

Whether it's oysters at a happy hour or a box of produce at the farmers market, food can be an incredible gateway into discussing the world around us. This panel will look to connect the dots from the food we eat to the environment from which it came — and how one deeply impacts the other. We'll see how local chefs and farmers can't seem to ignore the impact of their food choices on the environment and hear how they're conveying that message to everyday eaters.

Emily Conrad (Clean Currents)

Choosing Clean Power at Home

Renewable energy is more than electricity – it’s the power to create change for a sustainable future. But, only if you choose the right provider. Learn what to look for, and what to avoid, when choosing renewables for your home.

Beth Donnelly (The Regal Fig Food Co.)

Juicing for Better Health

When it comes to jump starting your commitment to a happier healthier you, the power of juicing shouldn’t be under estimated. Fresh juices are loaded with live enzymes and vitamins the body needs to heal, rebuild and be fabulous. Knowledge is power, and knowing the right ways to nourish your body is key to being your best!



Sunday 9/22

  Main Stage Stage A Stage B Stage C Green Kids Zone Yoga

Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. (The Hip Hop Caucus)

Stop KXL! The Story of “Forward On Climate”

There is a new approach to environmentalism. It’s no longer about turning off the lights and being satisfied. It’s about fighting against climate change for what this is — a civil rights issue, a justice issue and an existential threat. It’s about solidarity with indigenous peoples, about student protests for university divestment, and about civil disobedience.


Cecelia Gordian (Just Peachy Organic Health Maintenance & Gifts)

Edible Beauty

Create your own spa experience at home with healthy, wholesome and organic foods. The philosophy of Just Peachy Organics is to "live free, fresh, and organic" in harmony with the environment, and only use products on your face that are edible.

Aaron McCloud (Cedar Restaurant)

Cooking from your Urban Garden

Chef McCloud demonstrates how to create a delicious and simple vegan dish from local ingredients you can grow in any urban garden. He discusses easy start-up techniques and maintenance that he uses on his very own rooftop gardens at Cedar Restaurant in downtown DC.

All Day


Building Bookmarks, Magazine Magnets, Scrappy Bracelets


National Aquarium

Wildlife and Climate Change


Susan Prolman

Laughing Yoga



Alleah Clark, RYT

Kids Yoga



Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!)

The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations, Resistance, and Hope

Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman pulls back the veil on corporate media, reporting to explore the politics of "climate apartheid," the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the movement to halt the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, and the globalization of dissent "from Tahrir Square to Liberty Plaza." In her latest book, "The Silenced Majority," written with Denis Moynihan, Goodman shows the work of ordinary people to change their media - and change the world.

Ian Fisk (William James Foundation)

Pitching to Investors : A Behind the Scenes Look

Are you a green business looking for equity investment to grow? Come hear from professional investors on what they are really looking for. Watch companies pitch to investors. Then go "behind the scenes" as the traditionally private debrief is held for all to see, sharing what investors liked and didn't like. A partnership with the William James Foundation.

Stephanie Janzak (Ford Motor Company), Nancy Meyer (Community Forklift), Seth Goldman (Honest Tea), Moderator: Amy Austin (Washington City Paper)

A Greener Future: An Industry Perspective

Green technology is more than solar panels and turbines -- learn how various industries are paving the way to a greener future with emerging, innovative technologies that address both economic realities and environmental commitments.

Joe Yonan (Author of Eat Your Vegetables: Bold Recipes for the Single Cook)

Eat Your Vegetables

Washington Post Food editor Joe Yonan, author of the new cookbook "Eat Your Vegetables," shows you how to make the most of seasonal produce with an easy weeknight recipe. Come ask him anything about vegetarian cooking, sample a taste from his book, and get him to sign a copy.


Rob Beilfus

Embrace Flow



Wenonah Hauter (Food and Water Watch)

Reforming the Foodopoly

A handful of companies with tremendous political clout control every step of food production. The foodopoly prevents farmers from raising healthy crops and limits the choices that people can make in the grocery store. This hijacking of our food system, from farm to fork, is making Americans fat and sick. It's time to pull the curtain back from the little-understood but vital realm of agriculture and food policy. We need to understand what has happened and work together to build the political power to fix it.

Dave Feldman (Bethesda Green, Livability Project)

Building a Sustainable Community - Overcoming Obstacles

There is a growing recognition that our current ways are no longer working. We have a broken economy, and a constant strain on environmental resources and communities that are increasingly fragmented. This presentation looks at three obstacles communities face and offers several tools and ideas to organize, focus and accelerate progress toward creating a more livable community.

Karen Davis (United Poultry Concerns)

Backyard Chicken-Keeping

In recent years, animal shelters have seen a dramatic increase in unwanted chickens, As the popularity of backyard chicken-keeping has grown. We'll discuss the pros and cons of keeping chickens in urban areas, including what chickens need for happiness and wellbeing, and suggest options if you are considering or already have a backyard flock.

Bernadine Prince, Jennifer Mampara and Nikki Caporale (FRESHFARM Markets)

FoodPrints: Cooking Healthy on a Budget

Jennifer Mampara shares FoodPrints recipes that inspire children and their parents to eat healthy foods that are easy to prepare with fresh, seasonal foods available at farmers markets or local grocery stores.

River and Trail Outfitters

Adventure is Out There


Crystal Moore

Embrace Flow



Michelangelo Signorile (Huffington Post Gay Voices and "The Michelangelo Signorile Show")

Beyond Tolerance: Why the fight for LGBT Rights Is Far From Over

In recent months we've seen a storyline in the media which, pointing to polls, suggests the fight for LGBT equality is almost won. But this is another media concoction, one that ignores the reality of LGBT lives all across America, including the discrimination and violent backlash many have experienced. And we need new approaches moving forward.

Jodi Kurtz (Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland ReStore)

Habitat ReStore DIY

Jodi has made a career out of creating pieces fom stuff other people consider "junk". Growing up on a small farm in North Dakota, Jodi always had access to wood, metal, and found objects and loves repurposing scrap materials others have thrown out or given away. Jodi will repurpose furniture and other items which have been donated to Habitat ReStore.

Pennye Jones-Napier (Big Bad Woof Hyattsville)

From Farm to Bowl: Healthy Choices for Your Pets

The choices you make in terms of food, treats and supplements can have a dramatic impact on the overall health and well being of your four-legged companions. We will explore healthy alternatives including holistic foods, healthy treats and natural supplements for your pets. We'll also discuss information on natural flea and tick care, and other holistic treatments for common issues.

Doron Petersan (Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats)

Vegan Baking Made Sweet

Owner and founder of DC's first all vegan bakery and cafe (Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats) Doron Petersan demonstrates how to make one of their most popular creations, sweet and salty sandwich cookies, also available in their baking book, 'Sticky Fingers Sweets; 100 Super Secret Vegan Recipes.' The shop gained national notoriety after becoming two-time winner of The Food Network's "Cupcake Wars."


Faith Hunter

Embrace Flow



3:30pm: Chenniah Patrick

Healthy Me




Closing Concert

Melodeego is music from the movement, powered by the people! This bike-powered show is a blast of raw energy for a new generation of world changers. Audiences dance, sing their hearts out, and are inspired to fight for justice, the environment and human life. Melodeego is now touring to support 350.org's Fossil Fuel Divestment campaign!