Green Festival Sponsors



"We are an American Woman-Owned GREEN social enterprise that cares for the planet, environment, and people. We collect clothes, shoes, and toys to keep them out of landfills. The usable items go to our charity partners and the non-usable, ripped, old, stained, and torn items get recycled into cool Eco-products, such as organic home insulation, car seat stuffing, and more so nothing goes to waste. Help support our planet and some of your favorite charities such as the American Red Cross, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, GMHC and many others by requesting a clothes recycling bin at your building, workplace, business, health club, hotel, school, college, etc. To request a bin please call (800) 584 0460. To learn more about SpinGreen please visit our website at http://www.spingreen.com/" target="_blank">www.SpinGreen.com  We give clothes a second chance. Go Green with SpinGreen! SpinGreen will be collecting clothes & shoes at Green Festivals New York to help preserve our environment and help three of your favorite charities. The clothes collection bin will be set up by the entrance! Please step by our booth #104 to collect your raffle for a chance to win a cool Eco prize."