Green Festival Speakers

Yoli Ouiya



Noted by Black Enterprise as one of the “Top 20 National Bloggers of 2012”, Yoli Ouiya earned her online media moniker, “Queen of Green”. Yoli is a holistic health advocate, sustainability consultant and well-regarded green chef. As Founder of the boutique eco-lifestyle outfit, Yoli’s Green Living Group, Yoli promotes health and environmental education, and guides conscious consumer habits. Her online portal, YolisGreenLiving.com, was awarded “Best in Green Living” by AllParenting.com.

With a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, Yoli is a passionate lecturer and open forum facilitator. She also produces eco-themed events throughout New York City. Yoli sits on the Board of Directors for The New York Coalition for Healthy School Food. Yoli’s ongoing work with children and nutritional education will extend in 2014, with the launch of her own non-profit, KidCrops, an initiative that supports urban children and families gain more access to healthy food through hands-on experience.