Green Festival Speakers

Charles Chen

Charles Chen of is the 24 year old founder of RawYouth.org, a thriving community that focuses on healthy living, empowerment and inspiration. At such a young age, Charles has already built an extensive resume by appearing on Hulu, Yahoo!, Natural News TV, Amazon.com & More! As a trained Organic Healthy Chef, Charles is currently on a US Tour teaching health/nutrition classes at Universities, Festivals & Conferences sponsored by Whole Foods Market.
It was just awhile ago when Charles was pre-diabetic, weighed 250+ pounds eating McDonald's every single day. Charles was unmotivated, hit rock bottom and was miserable. One day, he found a informercial talking about mono meals, eating meals of just raw fruits and vegetables. Fast forward a couple years he is now 80 pounds lighter, thriving in optimal health, driven by passion to share the knowledge of health & holistic healing.