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Green Festival News

Plastic Mats for Alley Cats

New-Life-For-Old-Bags2Sandy Ramsey, Executive Director, Cornerstone Community Outreach - Chicago, IL

There are men and women who end up sleeping outside on the ground, sometimes because there’s no room in the area shelters and sometimes by choice, due to mental health or just not wanting to be closed in. Our staff works tirelessly to get them on housing lists, into counseling services and hooked up with medical care. I affectionately call these people: The Alley Cats.

If you drive down a darkened alley to the back of the tire store, you will find any number of homeless men and women sleeping on the cement loading dock. Or if you drive under the elevated CTA tracks in the parking lot behind Aldis, you will find a few people tucked into corners preparing to sleep for the night. Then there is the park along the lake. Sometimes you will see people under bushes, sometimes they are sleeping right out in the open. These are the places where you will find the wonderful plastic mats.

Chicago and Seattle - Here We Come!

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Thank you San Francisco for an amazing weekend. As the weather warms and the flowers bloom, Green Festival springs onward to Chicago and Seattle!

Top 10 Exhibitors

Kitchen-CraftGreen Festival is the most trusted event in the United States, representing a network of thousands of authentic environmental and socially responsible businesses and organizations. Their time, effort, passion and creativity has created a wonderfully diverse green economy that has fueled incredible Green Festival experiences for 1 million attendees, across the nation, over the past 10 years.

This blog will provide a sampling of what you can find at Green Festival this year! Information on every amazing Green Festival exhibitor can be found in the Exhibitor Directory.

Here are highlights of 10 fun, interesting and impactful socially and environmentally conscious Green Festival exhibitors:

Top 10 Speakers

amy-goodmanGreen Festival is where your community comes together to engage with today’s leading authors, celebrities, visionaries and activists from Chicago, and around the world. You will be inspired by the people you meet; enlightened by the workshops you participate in; and empowered by the knowledge you discover.

Here are highlights of 10 of the 125 talented and innovative speakers you will connect with at Chicago Green Festival May 14 - 15:

San Francisco Fun Continues!

{tiframe linktext:="Click to View" thumb:="images/stories/SFS_photomontage.png" url:="images/stories/SFS2011/1.jpg" gal:="sfs2011-1"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/SFS2011/2.jpg" gal:="sfs2011-1"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/SFS2011/3.jpg" gal:="sfs2011-1"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/SFS2011/4.jpg" gal:="sfs2011-1"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/SFS2011/5.jpg" gal:="sfs2011-1"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/SFS2011/6.jpg" gal:="sfs2011-1"} {tiframe linktext:=" " url:="images/stories/SFS2011/7.jpg" gal:="sfs2011-1"}

The 2011 San Francisco Spring Green Festival continues today, 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Meet Amy Goodman, John Perkins, Sylvia Mendez and many more visionary authors and leaders at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center today! Click on the photo above for a full photo gallery.

San Francisco Green Festival is This Weekend!

GF-SF-Green-MarketplaceYou’ve been hearing about all the exciting happenings at the San Francisco Green Festival long enough. This weekend all the fun finally unfolds as the San Francisco Spring Green Festival kicks off at the San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April 10.

Stages and pavilions host speakers on everything from greening your home to eco-beauty to how to change the world with what’s on your plate. 

Sustainable Automobile Solutions for Everyone

FordIf you’re reading this on your mobile device while waiting for an oil change, you can closely associate with the type of savings the all-new Ford Focus Electric offers. Simply stated, the Ford Focus Electric will be the easiest car to own that Ford has ever built. No oil changes, no transmission service and no air filter to replace - ever.

Electrification is an important piece of the Ford overall product sustainability strategy. The aggressive strategy includes the launch of five new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and Europe by 2013. In addition to Focus Electric, Ford launched the Transit Connect Electric small commercial van in 2010 and will introduce C-MAX Hybrid, a second next-generation lithium-ion battery hybrid and the C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in 2012. The range of electrified vehicles allows Ford to meet a variety of consumer driving needs.

San Francisco Green Festival this Weekend!

GF-SF-Box-OfficeGet ready, because the San Francisco Green Festival is this weekend, April 9-10 at the San Francisco Concourse and Exhibiton Center.

Discounted tickets are still available online. The deadline for you to purchase your discount online tickets is Friday April 8th at 5pm PST. You can also purchase your tickets at the box office on Saturday and Sunday.

Mother Knows Best

MENF-Peppers-2With over 3 million readers worldwide, Mother Earth News magazine is the most popular and longest running sustainable-lifestyle magazine, providing wide-range, expert editorial coverage of organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green building. The magazine has been helping folks live self-reliant, sustainable, meaningful lives for more the 40 years.

Beginning with an incredibly successful weekend in September 2010, Mother Earth News brought their dynamic magazine to life in an exciting and wonderful event, the Mother Earth News Fair, held at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. More than 9,000 people participated in nearly 200 workshops, countless demonstrations in cheese making, beekeeping, building electric and wood burning cars, seed saving, preserving and pickling, bread making, livestock raising, renewable energy and much more. In between sessions, attendees could enjoy organic local food and beverages, outdoor gardening demonstrations and sustainable lifestyle products and services, including: books, tools, seeds, crafts, organic foods, clothes, solar gadgets and more!

Speaker Spotlight: Zoe Weil

Weil_ZoeWebZoe Weil is the president of the Institute for Humane Education, which is dedicated to educating people to become changemakers in creating a healthy, humane and just world for all.

Most recently, Zoe has received widespread acclaim for her inspiring talk, "The World Becomes What You Teach" at TEDxDirigo 2010. Check out the video of her TEDX talk below. Meet and hear Zoe Saturday April 9th on the Main Stage at San Francisco Green Festival.

Write Your Way to Social Change

WMD_cover_largeDayla Massachi - Writing for Community Success

Let’s face it. Virtually everyone working for a social or environmental cause has to do some writing at some point.

You may be like I am, and love committing words to paper. If so, you are always on the lookout for new ways to bring your writing to life.

Or, you may never have intended to become a writer at all. You may be one of the many people who got into this field for other important reasons: an interest and passion concerning a certain issue, an urge to give something back to your community or a perspective you want to share.

Either way, the fact remains - you may produce great work or come up with outstanding ideas, but if you present those achievements or thoughts poorly they will not get very far. Effective writing engages your readers, provokes their critical thinking and compels them to take meaningful action. It also leaves them wanting more. And the better you can do that, the deeper and broader your impact will be.