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Green Festival News

Green Festival News

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  • 3 Green Sisters and Ja Ja Ja Purses

    3 Green Sisters and Ja Ja Ja Purses and Needle Art Bags was founded 14 years ago by three sisters, Linda, Jennie and Suzanne. Moving away from the disposability concept that has grasped this nation of convenience, the sisters embrace up cycling,and re purposing. It give the sisters a sense of accomplishment and pride when they creatively transform our discards into unique and practical pieces. You may see Grandpa's old jeans gingerly swaying on the hip of a school girl or a piece of drapery that once hung on the windows of an old English home, adorning your table. Each piece of fabric is inspected, washed when necessary, Then its designated purpose is chosen.
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  • Easy Turf

    Your drought solution has never been greener.Due to the drought, recent water restrictions have required southern Californians to cut their individual water usage by up to 25 percent. On average, local homeowners reportedly use 108 gallons of water per day, more than half of which is utilized on outdoor lawns and gardens. While indoor conservation is vital, the area of greatest impact remains homeowner's lawns. And despite dangerously high water usage, many southern Californians still have dry, brown lawns. A growing sense of duty to conserve resources coupled with the continuing need to maintain one's yard has prompted residents to consider viable alternatives to traditional landscaping.
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  • Murchison-Hume

    Why use plant-based cleaners AND to they really work?"Murchison-Hume was the culmination of frustrations I had as a young mother, looking for safe cleaning products that would actually work. My youngest son had been diagnosed with allergic sensitivities to the chemicals present in most common cleaning products (especially the so-called "green" ones) so I had to rethink my options. The more I learned about household chemicals, the more I realized that I was actively polluting my home environment with the stuff from the supermarket. Bottom line? Most cleaning products were toxic, ugly or didn't work. They needed a makeover and I figured I was just the girl to do it!"
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  • Green Festival Expo’s Brand New Referral Program

    Green Festival Expo is introducing a brand new referral program. If you know a business that would fit into our Green Marketplace, let your sales representative know, and if they book with us you will receive a check for $100 AND the company you referred will receive $100! It's that easy, so reach out to your network and spread the message!
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  • SMPP® - A Lifestyle Improvement for one sustainable business

    “For us, it wasn’t a choice; a few years ago, we had to become more sustainable because our number one client demanded it.” The President had just signed Executive Order 13514, mandating 95% of new contracts include sustainability. Avila, a small Alexandria based company, scrambled to meet the new sustainability standards: ISO 20121 and APEX/ASTM standards for sustainable events and meetings.
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  • Sustainable Meeting Planning Program® is first to be ISO 20121 Certified

    The Sustainable Meeting Planning Program®, also known as SMPP®, is the only on-line system available which has been certified to the ISO 20121 - Standard for Event Sustainability Management Systems.
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  • The DC Dentist

    At The DC Dentist we offer something unique, we are the first Eco-Friendly, Biological and Holistic Dental Office on the East Coast. We even sport a green roof – possibly the only Dentist in town to have one. Our vision and desire is to offer the best possible care to our patients recognizing their mouth as a gateway to their overall health and well-being
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  • USA Today & Green Living

    Expand awareness to living greener year round.  Green Festival Expo brings together the world's most trusted companies, innovative brands, large and small businesses, and conscious mainstream consumers into one marketplace to promote the best in sustainability and green living.
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  • EcoHabitude Supports Transparency in Green Commerce

    EcoHabitude Supports Transparency in Green Commerce
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  • Announcing Green Festival's New Platinum Sponsors VW and Audi!

    Green Festival Expo will have Test Drives in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland in 2015!
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  • New Media Partnerships Help NYC Green Festival Announce the Earth Day Weekend Show

    Check out the new local and national media coverage, including iHeartMedia, Experience Life, and more.
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  • Featured Speaker Antonio Saillant

    We are happy to introduce Antonio Saillant the Founder of Planet Greenfest and the CEO of Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group to our NYC and LA Shows.  Here is what Antonio has to share with us.
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  • Green Pets

    GREEN PETS Green Festival Expo knows that pets are family too!  They deserve the best, and we are excited to connect our attendees with you and your eco-pet holistic & all natural products.
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  • Home is Where the Green Is...

    Home & Garden Green Festival Expo knows that there is no place greener than the Home & Garden, and we are excited to connect our attendees with you and your fantastic products and services.
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  • Highlighting Travel & Adventure Exhibitors

    Travel & AdventureThis year Green Festival Expo is looking to highlight the Travel & Adventure exhibitors and sponsors with our 2015 shows.  
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  • New non-chemical intimates from Prophetik

    Here is a letter from designer Jeff Garner explaining the thought process behind his new and exciting line.I am launching the new intimates collection for Prophetik to give the new generation an option to wear a non-chemical option under it all to hopefully help avoid both breast and prostrate cancer in the future.
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  • Low Fee Vegan Investing: Taking veganism to the next level

    Low Fee Vegan Investing contains guidance for investing from a vegan perspective.
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  • New .green Internet Extension Unveiled at Green Festival

    DotGreen Community (DGC), a regular attendee of the Green Festival conferences, is the company behind the new Internet platform designed to support the global green movement. As a green business, DGC has enjoyed being a part of many Green Festivals over the years in cities around the US. The exhibitors and attendees make Green Festival a unique and widely known event.
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  • Pay It Forward Labs: Business Advice and Coaching for Green Businesses

    Our business experts give their time and energy to help you make the world a better place. Our platform is simple. We have thousands of business experts who are all skilled in different areas of business success.
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  • San Francisco Brand and Community Award Winners 2014

    Green Festival also announced the winners of its new Green Festival Brand Award and Community Award during a special award ceremony on Sunday. Since it was founded in 2002, Green Festival has been working to integrate social, environmental and economic values into its events to help strengthen the efforts of green businesses and communities.
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