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Greater DC Cup Share LLC

1200 18th Street NW, Washington, D.C., USA, 20036 - View Map


Greater DC Cup Share, LLC is a green initiative service providing reusable cups to the metro DC establishments that currently use disposable cups. The goal is to provide a complete and ubiquitous cup reuse system that is almost transparent to the user and establishments and that will eliminate millions of disposable cups from the DC landfills by providing a substantial drink discount at participating establishments to users of the cup share system.

It will be a parallel replacement to the current disposable cups in use. The establishments will sell the stainless steel cups to the customer inside their stores. The users will purchase the cup to be a part of the reuse system. After purchase the user will always receive a drink discount at time of drink purchase when they use the reuse cup.

Our share cups will be for sale:

- $9.95 single wall stainless steel 16oz. cold cup

- $23.95 double wall insulated stainless steel 16oz. hot cup