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Green Festival Exhibitors

San Francisco 2014

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Exhibitors are companies that are in line with Green Festival's core values and beliefs. Read More.


For every product we sell, we donate a meal to a hungry child!!


A nonprofit center for gymnastics, acrobatics, circus & urban art


Hands-on wildlife conservation volunteer placements in Southern Afri...


Heal with our Spagyric extracts, learn in our Alchemical School.


South Africa organic Marula Oil based products for beautiful skin


An artist's dream come true:Transformation to Global Peace Center


Official ticketing & transportation to Alcatraz Island in SF Bay


Dehydrated, gluten-free and vegan kale and veggie krunch snacks


Alive and Healing handcrafts Local, Organic, unpasteurized Tempeh


Sustainable Foods From Around The World: Chocolate, Quinoa & Rice


Eco chic Brazilian Jewelry made of natural fibers from Brazil.


Organic Green Superfoods and Plant-Based Whole Food Nutrition


Comfortable Healthcare Products- Luxury Massage Chairs


Providing acupuncture to the Bay Area since 1980


Reduces faucet water & energy by 80% saves $$. Easy to install.


Arbonne Offers Premium Quality Beauty, Health & Wellness Products


Defense systems for plants includes insect and fungus control.

Arborjet, Inc.


Defense System for Plants, includes insect & fungus control.

Trunk injection is the most effective alternative to spraying or soil applying pesticides for tree insect or pest control. Arborjet trunk injection equipment injects formulations directly inside trees. With over 10 years of research and development, our trunk injection systems and formulations are proven to give the best results when protecting trees from pests.

Ceramic based water purification for your countertop


Natural Facial Masques


We bring grow-at-home products into households across the country


The most delicious nutrient dense oatmeal raisin cookies!


Gluten free granola, oatmeal and granola bars

Bamboo Pharmacy by Mayway

Oakland, CA, USA - View Map


At Bamboo Pharmacy, we believe in the power of nature. With our roots firmly planted in traditional formulas rich in historical use, our supplements are sourced from high grade herbs and botanicals to provide you with quality, effective products. We insist on quality herbs in our products and will only offer products good enough for our own friends and family. Every batch of our preservative-free herbal products are run through a minimum of 15 tests to check for microbials, heavy metals, and pesticide residues. That’s some scary sounding stuff, but our rigorous parameters ensure that all of our products meet our standards of excellence from start to finish. We believe the earth is an inheritance to be passed down to our children. We are committed to preserving the environment and investing in the health and sustainability of our communities. Our commitment and responsibility is to support our growers in the conservation of endangered herbs, encourage the reduction of the use of pesticides and preservatives, and promote sustainable, ecological production of herbs. We are a certified green business and by doing our part to help protect our local environment, we are promising our future generations a healthy planet and a healthy community. Please stop by our booth #1414 for free samples and other giveaways. We wish you the best of health and thank you for the opportunity to provide you with excellent products!

Phone: 510-208-3113


Finest Quality Hair, Body & Skin Care Brushes and Accessories


Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts College


A public agency responsible for air quality in the Bay Area


Consciously Crafted Apparel


Tortilla chips made from beans & rice - Non GMO/gluten free/vegan


Safe and effective personal care products


Honey, Candles, Pollen, & Bees from Local Beekeeper


The Nation's only Eco-Friendly Auto Club. Improve your car-ma.


Vegan,gluten-free, gmo-free meat alternatives.


Sustainable tools for body mind balance-Fitness Furniture 4 life!


Research manufacturer specializing in clinically proven probiotic


Organic cotton factory


Organic Cotton & Bamboo Made in SF Effortless Sense of Style


Alkaline water & water filters: Drinking, Shower, & Whole House.

Blue Orange Games

1000 ILLINOIS STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, Ca, United States, 94107 - View Map


We create fun and earth friendly games for all ages to enjoy!

Julien Mayot and Thierry Denoual founded Blue Orange Games in 2000 with the idea to spread the timeless pleasure of sharing good times with family and friends around a great game. Blue Orange Games has built a reputation for award-winning games with remarkable quality and high play value. Based in San Francisco, we conceptualize, design, and promote our games all in-house. Designed to be easy to learn, fun for all ages and to build upon important skills, our games grow with families and make lasting memories. Design, quality and durability are our priority. As an eco-friendly company, we focus on high quality designs using durable materials and plant two trees for each tree used in game construction. With 12 years experience creating high quality games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun, Blue Orange Games looks to the future with consistent ideals. Choosing durable, feel-good materials, we pledge to produce games that last through generations and create cherished moments. Designed to be easy to learn and to build upon important skills, our games invite families to unplug for hours of good old-fashioned fun.

Phone: 4152520372


Jewelry made in LA using recycled metals and stones

Blissful Deep Bodywork-Energy Healing for Relaxation-Deep Release


Connecting homeowners to the nation's clean energy providers.


We rent and deliver reusable plastic boxes to your home or office


Green building non-profit organization


Fight Big Money in politics:sign to support the CA DISCLOSE Act


Educating Californians about invasive species spread via firewood



Manufacturer of Hemp CBD Oil- All Natural Hemp Body Care CBD Care


Simple, no hassle carpooling for iPhone. Green your commute!


Premium Living Water, Fresh and Directly from the Source


International brand of modern cloth diapers - eco-friendliness


The only 100% organic/biodegradable/sustainable chewing gum!


CLEAN WATER ACTION: Working to protect & restore water quality



Modern - Sustainable - Baby

Made with LOVE in San Francisco The COLORBLOCK Bodysuit Modern Design – Original CLOTH design, featuring 3 rows of snaps, providing the ultimate fit over baby’s bum, in both cloth diapers and disposable diapers! Not only will the fit be wonderful, the extra rows of snaps allow your baby to grow with the bodysuit! Just switch the row of snaps, and it’s like having three bodysuits in one! Sustainable Fabric – Made form an ever so soft blend of 47.5% Organic Cotton, 47.5% Soy & 5% Spandex. Nickel Free snaps. The snap panel is made of 65% Recycled Polyester (derived from recycled PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles used for water and soda) & 35% Organic Cotton. Sustainable BLUES Coming Soon!


Open young thai coconuts safely in seconds!


Vegan CocoBacon®/ coconut chips/raw choco coconut chips



A Clean & Easy Way to Collect and Contain Compost

A better compost pail; The CompoKeeper’s quadruple-action odor control system and proprietary clamping mechanism locks smells in and bugs out. Its sleek, six gallon profile looks great as a freestanding unit or, with the optional clamp-operating handle, it can be tucked away under the sink or in standard trash drawers.


Socially/Environmentally mindful, almond/coconut milk yogurt w/grano...


High quality kitchen cutlery & accessories made in America

Cybele's Free-to-Eat

8525 Appian Way, Los Angeles, CA, US, 90046 - View Map


Gluten free vegan cookies that are free from the top 8 allergens

Cybele's Free-to-Eat™ Cookies are Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Free From the Top 8 Allergens. Winner of "Best Gluten-Free Cookie" Good Housekeeping Institute 2014, Prevention Magazine's "Eat Clean" Award 2013, and featured on the TODAY Show as the "Healthiest Packaged Sweet"! Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, wheat-free, soy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, fish-free, shellfish-free, GMO-free.

Phone: 8778953729


Totally addictive yet healthy toasted coconut chip snacks.


Upscale Hemp Clothing for Men and Women

Desert Essence

180 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, New York, United States, 11788 - View Map


Natural and organic beauty products for today's healthy consumers

In 1978, Desert Essence introduced Jojoba Oil and Tea Tree Oil to the US natural products market. Desert Essence is recognized as a pioneer in natural, organic and effective beauty care products. The offer a full range of beauty and personal care products that are inspired by nature and the lifestyles of today's most health-conscious consumers. Synonymous with quality, efficacy and expertise, Desert Essence is one of the leading natural personal care brands available today. Desert Essence products are vegan/vegetarian, SLS free, paraben free, biodegradable, gluten/wheat free and cruelty free.

Phone: 800-645-5768


Provides credit card payment accounts for sustainable businesses


Showcase for Activist Illustration & Street Art


Divine Organics by Transition Nutrition premium superfoods


Since 1993, only the finest vegetarian ingredients!


Wellness company helping 1 family at a time achieve better health


Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps!


Clay irrigation pots. An ancient method for conserving water.

Earth Island Journal


Earth Island Journal's combination of hard hitting exposes and inspiring stories of grassroots movements encourages readers to take action for ecological sustainability. We have won a half dozen Project Censored Awards for uncovering stories ignored by larger media outlets. On three occasions, Utne Reader has recognized the Journal for top environmental coverage, in 2007, when the Utne editors wrote: The environment is surely the biggest news story of our day, and we're glad Earth Island Journal is on it.

Phone: 510-859-9100


Hemp Seed Body Care. Family-owned and operated for over 18 years.


Eco, BPA free, 100% recyclable & stylish water bottles & mugs


Sustainable Handbags and Other Products Made of Cork


Superfood & herbal infused raw chocolate & holistic skincare


All the crunch of a candy-bar without the calories


Provides research and education about toxic chemicals


Brushing Rinse offers a better way to brush. It works. It's clean


EV-2 Charging Stations specialist


Tibetan Jewelry & Home Goods From the Himalayas.

EverythingTIBETAN is an established home based company specializing in Tibetan Items such as Singing bowl, Tibetan Rosary/Mala, Tibetan dress, Tibetan Jewelery and Tibetan Antique related items.


Biodegradable Wet Wipes- Chemical Free, No Alcohol


A CSA delivering organic produce direct from farms to doorstep.


Batik and Tie Dye Eco Fabric Handbags and Clothing


Necklaces for the free spirit


An herb shop & manufacturer uniting Chinese & Western traditions


Women's & men's clothing and hats from 100% recycled clothing


Grass Valley, CA, USA - View Map


Ethically sourced essential oils & aromatic botanical treasures.

Floracopeia was established by David Crow to promote the use of medicinal plants for grassroots healthcare, high-value crops for poverty alleviation, ecological benefits, and preservation of ethno botanical wisdom. We provide our customers with the highest quality essential oils and other botanical aromatic treasures through our support of ecologically sustainable agricultural and agro-forestry projects. Floracopeia was established to support these important goals: To economically support and uplift ecological farmers around the world by purchasing their high-quality aromatic products. To support preservation of forests by purchasing aromatic products from sustainable agroforestry projects. To lower the cost of top-grade essential oils, attars, hydrosols, and natural perfume ingredients by bringing them directly from distillers to retail customers. To provide education about the medicinal, ecological, economic, and spiritual benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants, in the form of workshops, multi-media events, meditation retreats, and publications. To help preserve and promote traditional and indigenous ethno-botanical knowledge of medicinal and aromatic plants and their uses.

Phone: 1-866-417-1149