What is the Screening Process?

Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at Green Festivals. In order to exhibit, you must be vetted to ensure your business embodies the values of sustainability and social justice. This approval process is important to consumers and companies. Participants like knowing the exhibitors have proven to be mission-driven, and exhibitors appreciate an audience that is primed and eager to find out about their products and services.

First-time Green Festival exhibitors are reviewed to determine their commitment to social justice and environmental responsibility. If successful, the company is able to participate in the Green Festivals for the year. However, to continue exhibiting beyond the initial year, the business must apply for the Green America Seal of Approval. This is - hands down - the most trusted and authentic Seal in the green marketplace. Any business that has been approved by Green America's expert screening team and earned their Seal is eligible to exhibit.

In addition to exclusive exhibitor privileges, approved members of Green America's Green Business Network enjoy a wide array of marketing and cost-saving benefits. To find out more about the Green America screening process, along with membership benefits, visit Click Here To get started on the Green America Seal of Approval application today, Click Here