Green Festival Corporate Innovators

Los Angeles 2013

Corporate Innovators are major corporations that are moving towards social and environmental responsibility. Corporations can participate only after passing a rigorous review process and demonstrating they have made significant social and environmental commitments and innovation in one or more areas of their business. At the Green Festivals these companies showcase their significant commitments to the innovations, and not their conventional lines of business. The purpose of the Corporate Innovator program is to recognize and encourage socially and environmentally responsible practices. Our hope is that by encouraging green innovations, they will become the norm for corporations everywhere.

O Organics


O Organics has over 400 USDA certified organic products across virtually every aisle of the store. Found exclusively at Safeway, O Organics provides your family with healthy, safe and delicious organic food at affordable prices. O Organics products are produced without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO’s, added growth hormones or antibiotics. 



Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas(r)) has delivered clean, safe, and affordable natural gas for more than 140 years. However, we do more than provide reliable energy: we believe treating Earth's resources with respect is critical. SoCalGas actively minimizes our impact on air and water quality, contributes to conservation agencies to protect sensitive habitats, and drives innovative energy efficiency projects. Also, we help businesses that produce organic waste repurpose it into a renewable fuel called biogas.