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Zola Açaí - Antioxidant Power Juice

2443 Fillmore Street 256, San Francisco, California, United States of America, 94115 - View Map


Zola is the world's first Antioxidant Power Juice. Our secret? The Power is in the Pulp. 100% Unfiltered Pulp. Pulp made from the exotic Amazonian Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) berry, a fruit so bursting with antioxidants that even pomegranates and blueberries pale by comparison. But Açaí's amazing health benefits don't stop there. That's why Zola is also loaded with Omega-6 + Omega-9 fatty acids, calcium, iron and replenishing electrolytes.With Zola, you no longer need to choose between health and energy. Our Antioxidant Power Juice gives you both in Amazon-sized quantities. No wonder that when Brazilian surfers, jujitsu fighters and everyday workers need to recharge, they think and drink Açaí.At Zola, we honor their wisdom by using the traditional Brazilian recipe. We infuse 100% unfiltered Açaí with all natural Guarana powder, giving you a boost of natural sustained energy and mental clarity.www.DrinkZola.com