Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer FAQ

Q: How long are shifts?

A: Shifts are generally 4 to 4.5 hours long depending on the position. You get the benefits of volunteering with just one shift. However if you would like to be extra amazing & impactful, you are welcome to sign up for more than one

Q: We want to volunteer as a group. Is that ok?

A: We love having people volunteer together, please email the Volunteer Director [Here] (link to contact page) for reserving group spots.

Q: I'm not able to create an account or sign-up for a shift.

A: Please contact the Volunteer Director here and let us know where you ran into trouble.

Q: I am disabled or have special needs, can I still volunteer?

A: Diversity makes us great, we will work with you to find a job that fits. Please contact the Volunteer Director. [Here] (link to contact page)

Q: I'm under 18. What's the process for volunteering?

A: Volunteers who are under 18 can sign up for shifts as normal, but will need a parent or guardian to sign the volunteer waiver for them to bring when they check-in. If you are between 10-16 then a parent or guardian will need to volunteer with you during your shift.

Q: Where is the volunteer handbook or minor waiver?

A: These each are posted your city's volunteer page about 2 months away from a festival and are also sent to the email you used to register with.

Volunteer Descriptions

Q: What's the Breakdown shift about?

A.Breakdown consists of assisting Green Festival staff with breaking down the box office, food court, lounges, signage, stores, green team and other show management areas of the festival on Sunday evening. A large part of breakdown is assisting with the Green Team and ensuring that we reach our sustainability goals. Helping lifting can be involved. Thank you for helping us after the festival is over!




Q: What's the Bookstore shift about?

A.Volunteers will assist the bookstore staff with security, stocking of books, sorting of donated books, and book signings. Customer service skills are important!



Q: What's the Miscellaneous Helpers shift about?

A.Are you flexible and willing to help with anything? Volunteers scheduled as miscellaneous will assist Green Festival staff where needed, and must be very flexible and ready to do anything! Please be prepared to fill in wherever we need volunteers at the time.

Q: What's the Green Kid's Zone shift about?

A.Volunteers working in the Green Kid’s Zone should enjoy working with children and helping facilitate the kid’s programming and activities as needed. Come prepared to have fun!

Q: What's the Green Festival Store shift about?

A.Volunteers working in the Green Festival store will assist with selling Green Festival merchandise, such as t-shirts, bags, canteens and other merchandise to attendees. Volunteers will also provide security to the store space. Customer service skills and retail experience are a must.


Q: What's the Green Team Resource Recovery shift about?

A.Green Team resource recovery volunteers will help solely with our back of house sorting efforts in the evenings. Volunteers will assist by sorting through compost, recycling, and landfill bags to ensure that there is no contamination amongst resources and that all items that can be diverted from the landfill and being either recycled, reused, or composted.This process is highly important in ensuring our waste recovery standards and lessening our impact on the environment from the Green Festival. It is a hands-on position, very rewarding and is typically very fun!

Q: What's 'the Green Team shift about?

A.Green Team volunteers will assist the Green Festival in maximizing its sustainability goals, by diverting as much waste from the landfill as possible. Volunteers will ensure that attendees deposit their landfill waste/compost/recycling in the proper cans at the Resource Recovery Stations located throughout the event hall. Three bins are included at resource recovery stations (recycling, compost and landfill). Each bin is clearly labeled, but volunteers further ensure that items are places in the appropriate bins in order to reduce cross contamination. Volunteers will be expected to educate attendees on the greening efforts at Green Festivals, and will explain to our attendees our use of bioware and why we use it. Some Green Team volunteers will also be in charge of Resource Recovery pickup, and the sorting of recyclable/compostable materials. This is a rewarding and fun position! You will get your hands dirty, so be prepared! ***As a Green Team volunteer, you may be working outside! Please come prepared if it is cold or raining and bring appropriate clothing so you are comfortable. Close-toed shoes that are slip resistant are necessary.

Q: What's the Beer and Wine Garden shift about?

A.Volunteers working here will make sure that people with alcohol do not leave the Beer Garden and that the Beer and Wine Garden is kept clean throughout the event. Volunteers may also assist with running the cash register and pouring of beverages. Beer and Wine Garden volunteers will report to the Beer and Wine Garden Manager. YOU MUST BE 21 OR OLDER TO VOLUNTEER IN THE BEER AND WINE GARDEN.

Q: What's the Bike Valet shift about?

A.Volunteers will be working with the Bike Valet Coordinator to manage the bike valet operation and safeguarding bikes throughout the event. Volunteers will tag each bike and store it in the bike valet area. Volunteers will also maintain a secure and clean bike valet area.

Q: What's the Global Exchange Store shift about?

A.Volunteers will assist the store with sales, security, folding and organizing, and stocking. Retail experience is necessary, and willingness to interface with customers, and organizational and layout skills are helpful. If you’re good at folding clothes and selling merchandise-sign up for this position!

Q: What's the Green America Booth shift about?

A.Volunteers working in the Green America booth will assist Green America staff with greeting and educating visitors to the booth about the organization’s mission. Volunteers must be friendly, ideally knowledgeable about Green America.

Q: What's the Partner Lounge shift about?

A.Volunteers will greet partners in the lounge, keep the lounge area stocked with snack and beverages, and may assist with dropping partner materials in different areas of the event.

Q: What's the Volunteer Registration shift about?

A.Volunteers working in volunteer registration will assist with handing out volunteer t-shirts, stocking, making sure volunteers sign the volunteer waiver, and running the volunteer coat check in the volunteer lounge. Volunteers may also run errands and escort other volunteers to their respective areas.

Q: What's the Volunteer Media Team shift about?

A.The mission of the Volunteer Media Team is to document the spirit of Green Festival and share it with the world. We are collecting video, photos, blogs and tweets as a community-sharing project to spread the Green Festival message and experience. We will showcase the best media on the GreenFestivals.org website, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and others, providing you with great exposure as a Green Media leader. For more details visit Straight-up Media Fun at Green Festivals

Q: What's the Media Registration shift about?

A.Volunteers will sign in members of the media and provide them with the appropriate badge. Volunteers will also provide press passes, hand out necessary information and answer questions as needed.

Q: What's the 'Speaker & Performer Registration shift about?

A.Volunteers working here will be assisting a Green Festival staff person with welcoming speakers and performers in a friendly and helpful manner and providing a badge. A radio will be available, and a Green Festival staff person will be there to assist with any questions.

Q: What's the Coat Check shift about?

A.Coat Check volunteers will collect coats from attendees, give attendees a ticket for their coat, collect the correct donation amount and place the coat in the coat check. Volunteers will also be responsible for recording all information and tracking received money on the appropriate sheet provided by Green Festival staff, and return checked items to the appropriate person.

Q: What's the Information Desk shift about?

A.Volunteers working at the information desk must become very knowledgeable about the event as they will be asked a variety of questions and must be able to communicate special requests to event staff. Customer services skills are very important. Volunteers will be provided with all relevant information, including a map and an information binder. Volunteers will also be in charge of keeping track of lost and found items. The Information Desk will also be where lost children are brought for parents to meet them.

Q: What's the Partner Registration shift about?

A.Volunteers working in the partner registration will assist with checking in partners, providing partners with badges and answering questions as needed. Customer service skills are very important.

Q: What's the Box Office shift about?

A.Volunteers working in the Box Office may assist with running a cash register, serving as a greeter in the lobby of the box office, or working in will call. Please be prepared to handle money and make credit card transactions, interface with customers, and be on your feet greeting attendees and answering questions. You will be trained for your position upon arrival. You will be able to let our Box Office Manager know what your preference is at the festival. Customer service skills and flexibility are a must!

Q: What's the Partner Material Distribution shift about?

A.HEAVY LIFTING IS INVOLVED! Volunteers who sign up for this position should be prepared to life heavy boxes of magazines, snacks and beverages. Do not sign up for this position unless you are comfortable with heavy lifting. Volunteers will help distribute partner materials throughout the show floor and will help stock racks and shelves with materials during their shift.

Q: What's the Exhibitor Registration shift about?

A.Volunteers working in exhibitor registration must be well organized, patient, and good humored customer service oriented individuals. All exhibitors are required to register before setting up their booth. Volunteers are responsible for checking in exhibitors, ensuring that they have provided their completed paperwork, collecting payment, and providing badges and any other relevant exhibitor information.

Q: What's the Partner Material Distribution shift about?

A.HEAVY LIFTING IS INVOLVED! Volunteers who sign up for this position should be prepared to life heavy boxes of magazines, snacks and beverages. Do not sign up for this position unless you are comfortable with heavy lifting. Volunteers will help distribute partner materials throughout the show floor and will help stock racks and shelves with materials during their shift.

Q: What's the Setup shift about?

A.Please note that setup often involves heavy lifting! Setup volunteers will assist staff with preparing for the event on tFriday before Green Festival. Tasks include creating and placing signage (includes the use of tools), setting up registration areas, distributing event magazines and materials for partners, setting up greening stations and signage, and preparing different areas in the event hall. If you are not comfortable with heavy lifting, you should not choose this volunteer position.

Q: What's the Exhibitor Showcase Monitor shift about?

A.This position will monitor the exhibitor showcase to make sure it maintains a great appearance and all items stay where they should be.