Green Festival Speakers

Carol Wasserman



Carol Anne Wasserman is a certified holistic health practitioner with a private practice in Manhattan and Hawthorne, New York. She specializes in natural and permanent weight loss via the use of whole and organic foods, because diets just don’t work!

Carol graduated cum laude from New York University and trained at the Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics. Coupled with counseling sessions, Carol also gives private cooking lessons. She loves taking clients, new to healthy eating, through health food stores as she explains the basics.

Recently featured on news 12 as the Vegetarian Week expert, she was also on the covers Macrobiotics Today Magazine and Inside Chappaqua Magazine. Her cable TV show, Get Healthy With Carol, features quick and easy recipes that will get you started on the path to wellness.

"I have worked with numerous clients over the years. I have helped people who have struggled their entire lives with weight loss, who have tried every fad diet to ever hit the market, and who have lost and re-gained weight repeatedly. As I counsel and coach, my clients learn first-hand how making better choices becomes easier, habit forming, and even fulfilling. Permanent weight loss is not about starvation or deprivation. It is about learning to enjoy more whole, natural foods and making the right choices. You can eat to live but also live to eat and still be fabulously fit and healthy." - Carol Anne Wasserman