Green Festival Speakers

Allen Walker


Allen graduated from the New School of Massage, Bodywork and Healing in 2006. Allen has had a successful practice as a massage therapist and has teamed up with acupuncturists to treat pathologies related to Chinese medicine. Having an interest in Asian philosophy and medicine, Allen began studying Asian bodywork and healing, which was inspired by his years of Buddhist training. Allen has also studied extensively with Tibetan Yogis, which has inspired the core of his bodywork practice and livelihood. Allen has furthered his bodywork studies at Zen Shiatsu and completed the Thai Bodywork program at Chicago School of Thai Massage. Allen has studied yoga, meditation, Tibetan and Tibetan Ayurvedic Medicine in India. While there, he designed and taught a blend of Western and Eastern bodywork to Tibetan refugees in Dharmamsala for low income Tibetans. Allen currently is both in the not-for-profit mental health field and in private bodywork practice incorporating lifestyle assessment, meditation, yoga and motivational interviewing.