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Teens Turning Green



Teens Turning Green is a nationalcoalition of passionate and powerful teens educating about safe and healthychoices in our daily lives, schools and communities, advocating for policychange to protect our right to health and working collaboratively to inspireaction and promate change that will sustain our earth.

In 2002 it was revealed that Marin County breast cancer rates had risenan alarming 60% in eight years. When asked what was being done, theresponse was there wasnt enough funding to do the necessary studies.Shortly thereafter, Judi Shils formed the Marin Cancer Project(currently known as Search for the Cause) to explore potential causes, seek answers and work to eliminate them.Knowing that environmental toxins are one of the leading causes ofdisease, cancer, birth defects, asthma, and reproductive harm, sherealized that education was the key to help inform citizens how toreduce exposure in their own lives. She also had the wisdom to knowthat if we rally together for change, change is possible.

Inspired by a group of teens who wanted to examine the toxic exposuresin their lives that might potentially contribute to cancer and otherhealth related concerns, Teens for Safe Cofmetics branched out as a program of Search for the Cause. The teens beganorganizing; growing in sheer numbers around this issue, they havebecome a powerful force for change. The campaign expanded from coast tocoast and now new chapters are springing up rapidly. Through educatingtheir peers and the greater community they have made a difference inmany peoples lives and have been instrumental in influencing chemicalpolicy change.

Teen campaign members became deeply interested in exploring otheraspects of their life where they were exposed to environmental toxins.They looked at fashion, their homes and their schools and wanted tounderstand what alternatives were available. They held Turning Greenevents that featured panel discussions, lifestyle shows andsustainability programs. Teens for Healthy Schoolswas launched in the Spring of 2008 as another program of Search for theCause, harnessing the inquisitive nature of teens to investigate theirschools and find the greener alternatives available to replace toxicproducts and practices. More and more schools are signing up to jointhis force for change.

The Teens Turning Green Concept is a natural transition for thecampaign, encompassing all aspects of the teen initiatives under oneumbrella. Not only focusing on cosmetics and personal care products, itbroadens the scope to all areas of life that potentially exposes oneto harmful chemicals. To help drive the message of Turning Green, thenew Teen Turning Green Collectionprovides a powerful way to educate the mass market by having a brandthat is easily distinguishable to teens and exemplifies products thatare healthy, safe, and effective (and even recommended by their peers!)

We hope that no matter where your interests lie, you can join our campaign and begin your journey to Turning Green.