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Amazing Grass

Organic Plant-Based Nutrition: Green Superfood, Proteins & Bars » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 575

American University, Kogod School of Business

With nine Degree Programs in Business and Sustainability Mgt. » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 353
  • Booth WDC:
  • 225

Antioch University New England

Offering graduate degrees in Environmental Edu. & Sustainability » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 424

Arcadia Power

Bhakti Fest presents the Bhakti Yoga Shala Pavilion

Book Publishing Company

Christy Hemenway, Owner/Founder, Gold Star Honeybees

The How & Why of Top Bar Hives For the bees, "It's All About the Wax!"  Clean natural beeswax, that is. Learn how and why top bar hives support the natural systems at work inside the beehive-and how they make beekeeping easier for the beekeeper too! » More Info

CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bars

Colleen Poling, Registered Dietitian, The Nutrition Translator

A vegan diet is about living compassionately and more consciously.This purposeful way of living will bring you inner peace, and complete nutrition!Learn how a vegan diet can offer you zen, and meet your nutritional needs » More Info

Derek Sarno, Co-founder, chef, plant pusher, Wicked Healthy

Wicked Bad Ass Vegan » More Info

Doctor J. Lamar Gray, The Workplace Zone

Strong emotional health, in the workplace is a combination of high-levels of Self-Esteem: self-efficacy and self-respect; & Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy & social skills. » More Info


Glen Andresen, Owner, Bridgetown Bees

Ever thought of keeping a hive of honeybees in your backyard? Or what it takes to get started? This presentation will give an overview of honeybees and some thoughts to ponder in deciding whether beekeeping is for you » More Info

Hope Foods

Human Potential Chiropractic

Holistic chiropractor to expand your human potential gently » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 544

Indigo Apparel

Conscious apparel inspired by art & nature for the carefree » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 426

Kinsey Cronin, Director of Business Development, StartEngine

Staying True to Your Mission by Securing Capital from the Crowd » More Info

Portland School of Rock House Band

The Portland School of Rock House Band is a select group within the school that represent the Portland School of Rock. This is an hour long performance on the Sustainable Innovations Stage. » More Info

Positive Impact Magazine

Q104.3 - New York's Classic Rock

Tal Cohen, LAc. DOAM, Foundation for Wellness Professionals

Secrets to Health -Health concepts of Chinese and Functional medicine. -Improving metabolism to feel more energy. -Eliminating toxins from body and lose extra weight -Lifestyle and nutritional recommendations for a long and healthy life. » More Info

The New York Tree Trust

Plants & Protects Trees, Revitalizes Historically Significant Trees » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 361

.green Earth's Domain

14 Day Health Challenge

The 14 Day Health Challenge online nutrition course, presented by some of the best nutrition experts in the world, teaches which foods promote health and which lead to disease. Visit for details. » More Info

1862 David Walley's Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Hot Springs Resorts & Spa » More Info

350 Bay Area

We are building a grassroots climate movement in the SF Bay Area » More Info
  • Booth SF:
  • 201 A


Grassroots volunteer group focused on solutions to climate change » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 354

4 All Humanity

Fair trade apparel & accessories made from Eco-friendly material » More Info
  • Booth WDC:
  • 354

7 Brothers Tours & Travels

Kingdom of Bhutan, mountainous nation in Asia. The last Shangri La » More Info
  • Booth SF:
  • SF 631

A Rocha USA

Christians in conservation: restoring people and places » More Info
  • Booth LA:
  • 639


Promoting ways to make the aging process better for everyone » More Info
  • Booth FT:
  • 360

Abby Beauchamp, Practitioner/Owner, Ortho Healing Center & Student Clinic for Humans * Dogs * Horse

Abby Beauchamp offers a demonstration presentation on Ortho-Bionomy. A holistic, neuro-muscular bodywork. This is new in Oregon, as the laws have changed 2 years ago to have it recognized as a stand-alone modality. » More Info

Abigail Steinberg, Author, Southern California Sales & Education Manager, WellNext

Abigail Steinberg is the author of Recipe for Success: An Insider’s Guide to Bringing Your Natural Food to Market, published by AMACOM, a guide for natural food entrepreneurs to help them launch a successful businesses. » More Info

Acme Smart Living

SmartKlean Laundry Ball » More Info
  • Booth NY:
  • 455


Save energy at home & at work. Volunteer to help others. » More Info
  • Booth SF:
  • 203

Adrienne Pierce, Head of Business Development, The CSR Group

Small enterprises often don't have people trained in sustainability practices. Tools can help define and cultivate their programs to reduce impact, save money and meet corporate social responsibility (CSR) targets. » More Info

African American Nature & Parks Experiences

Agape International Spiritual Center

New Thought Spiritual Community » More Info
  • Booth LA:
  • Family Fun Pavilion

Air Head Composting Toilet

composting toilet, with NO negative impact on the environment. Uses no water or harmful chemicals. » More Info
  • Booth WDC:
  • 335

Alan Hackler, Owner/Lead Designer, Contractor, Bay Maples: Wild California Gardens

Alan Hackler, from Bay Maples: wild California gardens, a Design/Build landscape company from San Jose, CA. will share his insight, techniques and tricks for designing and building ecologically appropriate garden spaces. » More Info

Alanna Hartzok, Co-Director - Earth Rights Institute

Claiming their Rights and Responsibilities to Mother Earth: Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are now living in ecovillages and ecological family homesteads. Join us for inspiring stories and photos of the new world dawning! » More Info

Alcatraz Cruises

We are committed to respecting our customers, our crew and the natural environment. » More Info
  • Booth SF:
  • 231

Alec and Nicole Griffin, Co-Founders, World Progress Now

Everyone becomes a tourist the moment they leave their home. Learn how to take your green lifestyle on the go and minimize the impact you have on the planet by traveling responsibly. » More Info

Alec Griffin, Co-Founder, World Progress Now

The Unintended Consequences of Traditional Tourism. Tourism can be a powerful tool for providing positive economic growth however traditional tourism models also tend to produce large amounts of physical waste, pollution, infrastructure strain, » More Info

Alex Artymiak, Yoga & Meditation Expert - Green Yoga Pavilion

Alex Artymiak is a yoga and meditation teacher from Santa Monica, California. He has dedicated his life to the study of consciousness. He uses yoga and meditation as tools to freeing tension from the physical body, the emotions and the mind... » More Info

Alex Dean, President - The Alexander Group Inc.

Alex Dean, President and CEO of The Alexander Group, graduated from Boston University with a B.A., in interdisciplinary studies, a self-designed curriculum in architecture, solar energy, business and environmental law and business management... » More Info
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