Green Festival Speakers

Carla Saulter



Six years ago, Saulter exchanged her car keys for a bus pass. Though she originally gave up driving out of concern about the detrimental effects of car culture on the environment (global warming, pollution and deforestation, to name a few), the decision has profoundly and positively changed her life. Now married with a young daughter, she is more committed than ever to her choice. Saulter and her family love getting around by busnot just because of their concern for the planet or the physical and financial benefits of riding transit, but also because it's fun. Saulter writes the blog Bus Chick, Transit Authority for The Seattle PostIntelligencer, in which she chronicles her experiences as a person who visits gas stations only for restroom emergencies. Her work includes practical advice about how to get around the city without a car and observations about buses and the people who ride them. She's currently working on book, entitled Rules of the Ride: A Transit Rider's Bible, a howto/whyto handbook about transit culture and carfree living.