Green Festival Speakers

Claudia Salerno Caldera


Claudia Salerno Caldera is the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change for the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Before her appointment to this post by President Hugo Chavez earlier this year, she led the International Cooperation Office at the Ministry of People's Power for the Environment. As Venezuela's chief climate negotiator, she is most wellknown for her intervention in the Copenhagen climate summit (COP 16) where she protested the imposition of the Copenhagen Accord by a small group of developed countries, after it became clear that they would only have a few minutes to vote on the accord that had been decided upon behind closed doors in the middle of the night without input from the majority of countries, or inclusion of the previous work done by the climate working groups at the UN. She also serves as the director of International Institutions at the Multilateral and Integration Affairs Office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela. She is a long time environmentalist and holds a Ph.D. in international environmental law.