Green Festival Speakers

Helen Reddout


Helen Reddout resides in the Yakima Valley of Washington state where she and her family have operated commercial cherry orchards for more than 57 years. Helen is President of CARE (Community Association for Restoration of the Environment) and director of the Dairy Education Alliance that organized in response to the invasion of polluting dairy factories near her farm. CARE won a landmark federal court case, which forced mega dairy polluters to obey the Clean Water Act. Another precedent-setting Federal court case was won in 2012 regarding dairy pollution.

Helen conducts air and water testing and public education programs about the damaging impacts of factory farming. The Washington Environmental Council has honored Helen with an Environmental Hero Award for her work. Helen is featured in Senator John Kerry’s book This Moment in Time and is a main character chronicled in the nonfiction book Animal Factory. She organized and participated in the Emmy Award winning film Dairyman Blues. As a farmer and community activist, Helen is a strong supporter of sustainable and socially responsible agriculture.