Green Festival Speakers

Chef Rawsheed


Chef Rawsheed is one of the country’s finest raw/living foods culinary artists and is expanding his experience as a gourmet raw food chef into the marketing of his prepared raw foods into health food and grocery chains and restaurants throughout California.

Combining his 17 years of experience as a raw foods alchemist with his knowledge of health and nutrition, Rawsheed has now made available products for the larger community of individuals interested in taking the next step in their personal health and nutrition.

Rawsheed launched his packaged food-line, this past Spring in local Southern California health food stores including Erewhon, Co-Opportunity, Follow Your Heart, PC Greens, One Life Food, VP Discount, Belmont Heritage and OHappy Days in the Los Angeles area as well as Orange County and San Diego stores. He has now expanded into the upper-mainstream and nationwide chain of Whole Foods Grocers.

Rawsheed is on the cutting edge of sharing these lifestyle-changing foods to the millions of Americans who are looking for ways to improve the quality of their health through improved dietary habits.