Green Festival Speakers

Weather Pending



Weather Pending is a San Francisco trio creating unique, soulful, music with a truthful, uplifting message. Theband creates smoky late night grooves highlighted by Janie Olivershoney and gunpowder vocals, the dark, swooping tones of producer RobCrosss electric bass and the shimmering overtones of Brian Bloi's lushelectric and acoustic guitar. On their debut recording, And How!,they're joined by guest drummers Max MacVeety and Derek G. Taylor whogive the music a swing that much electronic music lacks. The resultingmusic is hard to categorize; kind of like what The Beach Boys wouldhave sounded like with a female lead singer and hip hop/reggae beats orif Portishead was from California and spent a lot of time on the beach.

Forevery cd of And How! that is sold, Weather Pending is donating $1 toPlaypumps International, an organization whose goal is to bring cleandrinking water to schools and communities in 10 countries inSubSaharan African by 2010.