Green Festival Speakers

Dr. M. Paloma Pavel


Paloma Pavel, PhD, founder of Breakthrough Communities, is President of Earth House Center. She has served as Director of Strategic Communications for the Sustainable Metropolitan Communities Initiative at the Ford Foundation. Pavel's academic background includes graduate study at the London School of Economics (LSE) and Harvard University. Her research at LSE addresses South African Economics in the pre and postApartheid eras. Her dissertation (Organizational Culture and Leadership Development) was part of a fiveyear study by the Carnegie Foundation on the workplace in America, which culminated in the publication Good Work. She has taught at many Bay Area institutions, including the California Institute for Integral Studies, where she cochaired the graduate degree program in Organizational Development. Pavel is a frequent lecturer and keynote presenter nationally and internationally on the theory of living systems and urban sustainability. At MIT Press, she coedits the Sustainable Metropolitan Communities Book series with Robert Gottlieb. Pavel is editor of the newly released book entitled Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis.