Green Festival Speakers

Cindy Pardo



Pardo has been interested in the Fair Trade movement for many years, and, with two partners, made her interest into a bricks and mortar store in September of 2007, the first in Chicago. Prior to opening The Fair Trader, Pardo spent many years as a Studio Art Quiltmaker, and learned much about retail from her experience as a member of the country's oldest artistrun cooperative gallery in her Hyde Park neighborhood. Pardo believes strongly that it is possible and necessary for Fair Trade to become a sustaining movement, and has noted that most of the recently created Fair Trade suppliers she purchases from in her store are forprofit companies. Pardo and her partners appreciate the wonderful work that notforprofit groups have done in working with artisans and producers, but feel that if the Fair Trade movement is to continue to grow and make its presence felt in the American and International marketplace, it must have a large component of forprofit businesses. Pardo also believes that it is possible for Fair Trade business owners to make a living without taking advantage of the people who produce the goods they sell in the retail market.