Green Festival Speakers

Tim Palcic



Tim Palcic is a Senior Associate with over 20 years of experience. Mr. Palcic has extensively contributed to several significant design projects including the landmark Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, a boutique hotel project in West Hollywood, the sustainably designed TreePeople Center for Community Forestry located in the Santa Monica Mountains and the recently completed LEED platinum rated Pitzer college in Claremont. Mr. Palcic also works closely with Mia Lehrer on a wide range of private gardens and estates for residential clients.

Mia Lehrer + Associates is internationally recognized for its progressive landscape design and development of a wide spectrum of ambitious public and private projects that include urban revitalization developments, large urban parks, and complex commercial projects. Founder Mia Lehrer’s advocacy for urban ecology and people-friendly public space is a driving force behind all the firm’s projects, along with a great appreciation for community input. The highly experienced, engaged and creative team prides itself on reaching out to stakeholders for their thoughts and ideas about projects that affect their neighborhoods and their lives. Lehrer believes that great landscape design coupled with sustainability has the power to enhance the livability and quality of life in our cities, and in doing so, improve by great measure the quality of our environment.