Green Festival Speakers

Nivedita Chandrappa



Nivedita chandrappa has a degree in journalism and masters in public relations. As a television Producer at Queens Public Television and an activist, she has dealt with various immigrant issues, during which she has spoken about immigrant women in New York. She produced a television show called "Asian Indian Immigrant Experience" through which she celebrated the diversities and culture of immigrants in this city. She worked with refugee communities to organize them for creating cooperatives and helping them with their actual needs. Many of immigrant stories revolved around alienation and loss of sense of community in this country, inspired by which she became an activist for immigrant women in the system with various cultural needs.

Through volunteering in various women’s organizations she identified the lack of economic support system that are available to the low-income women if they are in domestic violence or any other issues. She founded a not for profit called "wishwas" (which means believing in one's self) to encourage displaced immigrant women to learn skills and trades to find themselves empowered within their sphere of freedom and choices.

Nivedita Chandrappa worked for over a year to build the base of wishwas organization at the grass roots level, while this was certainly not easy, it was a learning experience. Like any other organization wishwas suffered initial challenges but with the supports of other enthusiastic celebrities like Ranjana Khan the project took shape and is thriving. Nivedita is now pursuing a fellowship in green faith through greenfaith.org and will promote greening of the environment through Hinduism.She has also raised two sons in her free time.