Green Festival Speakers

Marilyn Jones



Marilyn Jones has been the proud Founder and President of Chicago-based Consolidated Printing Company since its inception in 1973.  She knew she always wanted to own her own company almost as much as she wanted to have a company that was good to and for its employees.  Little did she know that goal would be the back-drop to a thirty-five year effort to create the greenest printing company in America.  The entrepreneurial spirit and concern for others in Marilyn drove her to pursue the elimination of all toxic and carcinogenic chemicals from her company’s printing process from its beginning.  Way before green was a common household term.  The song goes “I was country before country was cool.  Well, Marilyn Jones was “green before green was cool.”  She’s been called the “mother of green printing” because she’s lead the way in the printing industry’s efforts to become environmentally responsible.  Throughout her career, Marilyn has proven that a small business can achieve monumental results.

Consolidated Printing has received nearly every meaningful environmental award and recognition a company can receive.  It was instrumental in working with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency to promote a cleaner and safer environment.  It was recognized as the first Illinois Great Green Printer.  It received awards from four Illinois Governers, Mayor Daley, and the Chicago Department of the Environment.  In 2009 the Printing Industry of America recognized Marilyn and Consolidated Printing with its highest environmental award.  A lifetime of commitment spent on Boards and organizations promoting integrity and professional responsibility – social, economic, and environmental responsibility – are the hallmarks of Marilyn Jones and Consolidated Printing Company.  Marilyn Jones has included the needs of the environment and the well-being or her employees and her community with each and every job Consolidated Printing accepts.  The practices of Marilyn Jones and Consolidated Printing are an example for all of us who own or operate a business.  She brings to mind a a few words from Shakespeare that belie a principle that applies to those who are truly successful in business and in life, “above all else, to thine own self be true.”