Green Festival Speakers

Markos Major


Markos Major is an Urban Farm Educator throughout San Francisco. Whether building raised veggie beds on Treasure Island, or planting Orchards in Golden Gate Park, his focus is on empowerment through botanical action and education.  As co-founder of the Rainbow Chard Alliance (an LGBT Farmer and Gardener network) Markos works with other queer eco-activists to create community and dialogue around Environmental sustainability.  Working for the SFDPW Bureau of Urban Forestry, Markos facilitates the new http://www.sfbotanicalgarden.org/Grey2Green" target="_blank">Sidewalk Landscape Permit. Markos’ passion is Agroecological restoration - working with farmers and gardeners to reincorporate ecological principles into the practice of growing food.  Markos was born in Battle Creek, Michigan and moved to the Golden State to study Agroecology and Community Studies at UC Santa Cruz.  Beyond sidewalk gardens, Markos consults with school communities, businesses and residents alike about ecological restoration, organic gardening and building cultures of sustainability on campus, at home and in the office.