Green Festival Speakers

Davidson Lewis



Davidson Lewis is the CEO and founder of Ecologic Designs, Inc., an award winning ecomanufacturer that is dedicated to the design and manufacture of sustainable products that reduce the impact of discarded materials by transforming the waste into unique, stylish and durable products.

Davidson grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with a passion for work and play within the surf, bike and outdoor recreation culture. Through his work in bike, surf and outfitter shops, Davidson became seriously concerned about the waste associated with the adventure sports he loves because of the negative impacts on the great outdoors. In the effort to make a positive change within the industry, Davidson earned a BA in Industrial Design from the Virginia Tech School of Architecture. He went on to provide design work for a variety of companies including Swim Ways, Kelsyus, Case Logic, and Aerogrow International. Throughout these valuable experiences, Davidson learned how essential the development of a new, sustainable model for the design and manufacture of consumer products is to the environment. With a clear vision for the future of ecological business practices and strong motivation to aid the earth, Davison became an ecoentrepreneur and founded Ecologic Designs, Inc. to combat the growing crisis with a solution.

Davidson leads the Ecologic Designs Inc. design department for the consumer brands Green Guru and Green Goddess Gear and actively contributes to executive business development. He strives to create a sustainable business model to make the future greener, one material at a time.