Green Festival Speakers

Alan Levine



Founded and developed Doctor Delivery in 2002 which is the third party delivery service for over 100 restaurants in the Washington DC region. Levine founded Hybrid Pedals, www.pedego.com" target="_blank">http://www.pedego.com/">www.pedego.com. His company Hybrid Pedals and www.exbikerides.com" target="_blank">http://www.exbikerides.com/">www.exbikerides.com also controls the distribution rights to several other e-bikes including www.velomi.com," target="_blank">http://www.velomi.com/">www.velomi.com, Thrustbikes.com and several other reputable e-bike manufacturers though several sister companies for the metro area and all GSA- DOD nationally and internationally along with all Restaurant Delivery Vehicles. He is the master licensee of www.ticketsocket.com" target="_blank">http://www.ticketsocket.com/">www.ticketsocket.com for the Washington Metro region and all sporting and endurance events

Levine has recently been the spearhead in forming Seamless Solar Solutions, a company dedicated to finding and developing better and more functional solar charging applications for the LEV and E-bike industries and to create a retail solar products store. He is the founding member of the Safety and Health Foundation, a non- profit entity, that sponsors endurance events and provides many services for the safety and health of the community. Seamless Solar Solaurtons developed a fully solar EMS vehicle that is still in beta testing phases. It is completely off the grid and can haul bodies in an attached trialer gurney and has refrigeration capabilities as well.