Green Festival Speakers

Gero Leson



Leson was born in Cologne Germany and came to California in 86 to get a doctorate in environmental science and Engineering from UCLA. He has more than 20 years of project experience in the fields of environmental technology and management, the sustainable use of renewable resources, such as industrial hemp, and in recent years in international development projects.

As Dr. Bronners Director of Special Operations, Leson coordinates the conversion of Dr. Bronners raw materials for soaps and cosmetics to sources that are certified as organic and fair trade. Initial projects include a coconut oil mill in Sri Lanka that purchases from familyowned estates, a smallholder project for palm oil in Ghana and close cooperation with Canaan Fair Trade, a company in the West Bank that purchases olive oil from more than 1500 smallholders organized in the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Project activities are diverse. They involve grower recruitment and certification, the selection of technology, construction, management of production teams and suppliers, development of organic fertilizer supplies and trying to find out whats fair? and what to do about it?