Green Festival Speakers

JoElle Lee



Widely referred to as The Skin Clarifying Queen by Essence Magazine, JoElle is a popular lecturer and national educator in the skin care industry and is the Personal Esthetician to First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is is a Celebrity Esthetician & SkinCare Expert who has achieved status for her unique approach to common skin issues and conditions.

JoElle has developed her own skincare products and specific techniques for treating skin inside/out by combining her natural integrative approach with the science behind skincare. By improving the physical and emotional well being of the skin, she is able to achieve rapid optimal results.

As a highly regarded expert in the field, JoElle has been featured in beauty & fashion magazines and has been a featured guest on radio shows.

She has dedicated a lifetime to balanced natural beauty and combined her methods and expertise into a skincare regimen of premium products and services,