Green Festival Speakers

Chuck Lare


www.wallingfordsolarinitiative.org and www.lareassoc.com

Chuck Lare, an electrical engineer, is President of Lare ; Associates LLC (www.lareassoc.com). Chuck Lare for over thirty years has been developing technologies and organizing within communities for economic justice. Chuck is currently one of several moving forces behind the local nonprofit organization Wallingford Solar Initiative (WSI, www.wallingfordsolarinitiative.org). Chuck has for over 40 years been developing technologies in both the public and private sectors. Space Shuttle avionics, telecommunications and medical development for local companies and Port Security, fiber optics infrastructure and wireless applications in the public sector. The last ten years, Chuck has been consulting to drive down organizations costs in telecommunications. With the recent legislation and dire need for putting neighbors back to work, Chuck has been facilitating the WSI work Business/Market enabling through use of solar power.