Green Festival Speakers

Chef Awadu Keidi


Chef Keidi Awadu is a Southern California-based raw food chef. He has pioneered a brand called Living Superfood as a vehicle for “full-spectrum hypernutrition”, health-inducing nutrition administered through gourmet live–food cuisine.

Here are just a few of Chef Keidi’s “Life-Lights”

  • Award-winning raw food chef and longtime master of vegan & vegetarian cuisine

  • Developer of the Living Superfood Full-Spectrum Hyper-Nutrition healing system

  • Author of more than two dozen books on health, culture and the humanities

  • Multi-media journalist for 35 years in print, broadcast and an Internet webcast pioneer

  • Internationally featured lecturer on health, culture, economics, and progressive activism

  • Life-long career as musician and recording artist

  • 3 Years of laboratory experience as a reproductive cryogenics technician

  • Father to 3 college-age daughters

  • Life-long organic gardening expert horticulturalist

  • Currently producing a trilogy of books on the Living Superfood healing system: Living Superfood Recipes (August 2011); Living Superfood Research: Unleash Your Miracle with Full-Spectrum Hyper-Nutrition (September 2012); Living Superfood Remedies: Eat to Beat Chronic Diseases and Disorders (2013)

  • Developer of the OFF-THE-WEIGHT 30-Day Program, as a no-starvation weight reduction system

  • Initiated in March 2012 as Priest Kheper Ra of the Sacred Order of the Sons of Ra

  • Ministries and is engaged upon the following 3-part mission: 1)Restoration of the Great Mother Goddess; 2)The Divinity of Nature 3)Rejuvenating the Body Temple

  • Recipient of more than a dozen awards for journalism, global activism and community organizing

  • Native to Columbus, Ohio, and resident in Southern California for 32 years