Green Festival Speakers

Goli Gabbay Kafka



Goli Gabbay Kafka is a pioneer in teaching Yoga for Mental and Emotional health, and is widely recognized for her expertise relieving stress, anxiety disorders and depression. A teacher since 1998, Goli has gained the trust of celebrity clients, business leaders, and Los Angeles’ most elite psychological recovery centers. She was recently named one of the “Yogis Shifting the Planet” in ORIGIN magazine’s "Leaders who Inspire” issue (Sept-Oct. 2012.)

Goli has earned multiple certifications from Yoga Works, Exhale Center for Sacred Movement, and Yoga West. Trained in a variety of disciplines, Goli’s teaching style integrates Vinyasa, Iyengar and Kundalini yoga. Her classes balance strength building and precise alignment with unique relaxation techniques. Goli’s therapeutic approach to yoga enables students to achieve profound personal and spiritual breakthroughs.

Parallel to her yoga career, Goli has worked as an environmental educator and consultant. Her accomplishments include: designing and implementing innovative City-wide environmental programs; co-creating the highly acclaimed “Sustainable Works Business Greening Program” for the City of Santa Monica; greening large corporations and manufacturing plants; and launching a global PSA campaign with the United Nations Environment Program.

Goli is also a wife and mama to two young children.