Green Festival Speakers

Nik Kaestner


Nik Kaestner, a former science teacher and activities director at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, is the first director of sustainability for the San Francisco Unified School District, where he collaborates with teachers, staff, and students to develop a nationallyrecognized sustainable schools program. Nik will seek to expand and publicize the many wonderful efforts already underway in the city's schools, while at the same time developing the District's competencies in such diverse areas as environmental education, rainwater harvesting, waste management, and green cleaning.Prior to coming to SFUSD, Nik worked in a similar capacity in Stanford University's Student Housing division, where he developed environmental purchasing standards and green event guidelines. He also managed the largest campus CFL giveaway in the country, expanded composting and recycling programs for graduate students, replaced inefficient water fixtures in undergrad housing, and installed a new solar hot water system. Before Stanford, Nik guided the Palo Alto Unified School District in drafting a sustainability policy, incorporating environmental consideration into the 20Year Master Plan, developing a comprehensive alternative commute program, and setting up green teams at numerous schools throughout the District.A graduate of Stanford University, Nik holds a masters in education administration from Santa Clara University and has won awards from the American Lung Association, City of Palo Alto, and Santa Clara County for his environmental efforts. He has also been published in PC World and Greenbiz.com, is a LEED