Green Festival Speakers

David Kadavy


David Kadavy's upbringing was anything but green. He grew up in a culdesac in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska; where golf was one of his main pasttimes, dangerous treks across busy intersections to grab candy at gas stations were his childhood's greatest acts of independence, and he never even rode a public bus until he was in college. It wasn't until he learned about sustainability while working at an architecture firm that green captured his imagination.

David's passions for technology and sustainable living drew him to California where he is Creative Services Manager at SustainLane and an active member of San Francisco's redhot Web 2.0 scene. As an internationally acclaimed designer and an experienced blogger, viral marketer, community builder, and midwesterner at heart, David strives to use technology to make engaging web experiences that will put green on the minds of average Americans.