Green Festival Speakers

Indigenous Permaculture


Institute International Indigenous Science - Indigenous Permaculture Program revitalizes native and local communities at the grassroots level. Our goal is to support communities to be self-sufficient through Indigenous science, land stewardship, traditional agriculture, community food security, sustainable development, art and integral health. We promote awareness of human impacts on the natural environment and on indigenous communities when unsustainble choices are made. We use locally available resources and demonstrate the power of conscious choices to support Mother Earth. We share traditional farming practices and apply environmentally and culturally-appropriate technology, with the ultimate goal of community food security, and do this work in an affordable way that builds capacity within the community. We provide holistic support to design and implement community food security projects, inspired by indigenous peoples' understanding of how to live in place. Understanding the urgent needs of indigenous peoples, our work at Indigenous Permaculture will always be ongoing as we are continuously seeking involvement in new areas, spaces and levels. Working with multidisciplinary diverse staff, Indigenous Permaculture strives to meet the needs of communities in Central America, especially El Salvador and Guatemala, as well as Wounjupi-Pine Ridge, Hoopa Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.