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HawkQuest is a Colorado nonprofit, taxexempt 501(c)3charitable organization. HawkQuest's approach to educationin classrooms and lecture halls is participatory, allowingthe audience to experienceHawkQuest's eagles, owls, falcons and hawksat close range.

HawkQuest's goal is to make education both meaningful and fun,while creating an atmosphere which fosters respect for ourland and the stewardship of all living things. Our messageconcerning the importance of biodiversity, of the finalityof extinction, and of man's need to nurture his world isinterwoven with discussions of the raptors' place in ourecosystem. We share this message withhundreds of thousands of peoplethroughout the United States each year.

Kin Quitugua, a master falconer and long time environmentaleducator, founded HawkQuest in 1986. He has trained, handledand flown birds of prey as diverse as the Bald and Golden eaglesand the Sawwhet owl. For more than 25 years, Kin has dedicatedhimself to educating the public about the place of raptorsin our ecology.

Kin created HawkQuest believing environmental awareness is akey to the survival of the world as we know it, and education of our nation's youth in particular is paramount to thisprocess. He has developed many educational programs such asHawkQuest's uniqueClassroomintheWild.Kin has received national recognition for his work combiningeducational and ecological concerns, having appeared on bothlocal and national television programs. Kin also serves as aconsultant to organizations which promote the welfare ofbirds of prey.