Green Festival Speakers

Jason Harvey


Jason Harvey is the founder and executive director of Oakland Food Connection. His unique breadth of work is a culmination of over 15 years of experience working with local nonprofits, the food industry and the military industrial complex. Through working for the San Francisco Bay Girl Scout Council, the United States Air Force, the Environmental Justice Institute and the San Francisco Bay French Bread Company, Jason has learned a number of innovative approaches to creating a socially and equitable food system in his native stomping grounds of East Oakland.

Jason's vision for a just food system stems from his childhood memories in East Oakland, where he learned from neighborhood elders how to grow pesticidefree produce. He says, I remember growing 1015 pound cabbage heads with Mr. Howard Sneed over on 92nd and C st, and how he shared his fresh produce and healthy recipes with friends and neighbors. These experiences let me know that we can feed our neighbors with food right from our own yards and that we do not have to be totally dependent on overpriced packaged food from stores that are 23 miles away.

As the founder and director of OFC, Jason's focus is to make sure residents of Oakland learn remember how to grow healthy food, and how to maintain healthy lifestyles and strong community ties through food. Using backyards, schoolyards and community gardens, Jason truly believes that Oaklands open spaces can be used to grow healthy food for all!