Green Festival Speakers

Josh Hart



Josh Hart was born in 1976 in Stuttgart, Germany the socalled cradle of the automobile where Porsches and Mercedes are manufactured. Obviously, he's not too fond of these estranged members of his extended family. The son of a ballerina and a former oil company executive, he grew up in the suburbs south of San Francisco, studying social psychology as an undergraduate at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he started cycling to his classes. Shocked by the horrific impact of heavy car dependence on quality of life in the seaside town, he gave up his Volkswagen for good and began to campaign for environmental and social change. Josh has given up flying and car ownership, because it's just wrong. Plus he hates airline food and oil changes.

He has worked as a professional transportation planning advocate for the last ten years in San Francisco, at RailstoTrails Conservancy and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. He obtained his MSc in Transport Planning at UWE Bristol in 2008, and completed research entitled Driven to Excess, presenting the social and quality of life impacts of automobile traffic on local residents. The research was covered in over 100 international media outlets including the BBC, the Guardian, Tehran Times, and the Daily Mail.

His writing has appeared in Surveyor Magazine, Walk Magazine, and Carbusters and portions of this blog have been published by Lonely Planet in their recent book Flightless: Incredible Journeys without Leaving the Ground.