Green Festival Speakers

Graciela Geyer


Graciela has been the Lead Organizer at SCOPE (Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE) since 2007. SCOPE is an economic justice membership organization based in South Los Angeles founded in response to the civil unrest in 1992. Graciela coordinates a team of organizers, leads grassroots membership development and political education and helps develop and implement campaign strategies and alliance work. SCOPE combines community organizing with electoral power building strategies, grassroots leadership development, community grounded research and strategic alliances to address long term poverty and disenfranchisement of black and brown families in LA. In 2006, SCOPE convened the LA Apollo Alliance, a local coalition of over 25 community, labor and environmental groups working to revive the local economy and win policies to help build a new green economy for all Angelenos- one that creates a path out of poverty for inner city residents.