Green Festival Speakers

Brennan Gerald



Great things get better with time, an old saying Brennan Gerald learned at Maret High School in Washington  DC. As a DC native, it was only right that he turned to his home town once he'd earned his collegiate bachelors degree in brand development/strategic marketing from The University of Delaware. Inspired to improve his health and overall energy, Brennan became vegetarian in 2008, soon followed by a transition to a completely plant based raw foods diet. His interest in healthy eating helped foster a new passion for making food that imparts wellness upon those who partake. As part of his goal to combat the staggering childhood obesity rate in DC, he founded Dffrnt Wrld Deli, a menu development, catering, and wellness coaching service that shows restaurants how to "green" up their menu with healthier plant based cuisine. His dream is to have more restaurants in DC offer vegan raw food options, this way people have healthy food options on a much larger consumable scale.