Green Festival Speakers

Pagan George



Pagan George is on the Steering Committee of the South L.A. Food Co-Op. The South L.A. Food Co-Op is in the early stage of forming into a viable cooperatively organized business. The South L.A. Food Co-Op has numerous goals, including creating a source for natural, organic, non-GMO food in South Los Angeles. It also aims to become a retail food market that provides South Los Angeles and neighboring communities access to fresh, economical, organic and gourmet foods. The Co-Op also wants to empower the community through shared ownership, improved health, education and social engagement. And, it intends to practice, sustainability, Fair Trade, fair labor, and support of local agriculture.

Pagan is a therapeutic yoga teacher in the Iyengar tradition, a Qi gung teacher, life coach, and energetic healer. As a vegetarian for more 30 years, vegan for most of that time, and in the last ten years eating primarily raw foods, access to high quality organic food is essential to him. Pagan grew up in the Bronx, NY and Sunnyside Queens and lived the first half of his life in the Big City. He is currently exploring the trend of sustainable gardening and Permaculture, and learning how to grow food and nurture the soil.

After months of driving back and forth from their Arlington Park home to purchase natural food, Pagan and his fiancé Bahni sparked the idea to start a food co-op to feed, educate, heal and empower the South L.A. community.