Green Festival Speakers

Sarah Filley



Sarah Filley, who hails from Ann Arbor, MI, is the Co-founder of popuphood (with Alfonso Dominguez.) After her studies at California College of Arts, she chose to stay in Oakland. She is an artist, designer, writer, curator and public speaker, and lover of big ideas. Her fine art practice began with sculpture and photography and expanded to installations and public art. This evolution continued to expand repositioning her role as an artist from the margins of cultural production to the center of urban design and social innovation. Her interdisciplinary background serves as a foundation to bring design thinking to city scale blending boosterism with positive deviance. She is an artist and urban designer, curator, speaker and writer. popuphood is a small business incubator revitalizing neighborhoods, block by block. They apply design thinking to define the problems, leverage creative and community capitol for positive social and economic impact.