Green Festival Speakers

Tellur Fenner


Tellur Fenner is a clinical herbalist/educator and has traveled the country extensively while studying, collecting, and using plant medicines from all the major U.S. bioregions. He has attended the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, the American School of Herbalism, and the California School of Herbal Studies. Tellur is an avid camper/hiker, a skilled and experienced outdoor trip leader, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder. As an herbalist of the generalist persuasion, he believes in the importance of an interdisciplinary practice which integrates botany, pharmacy, physiology, and other medical sciences. He has taught classes for the Regional Parks Botanic Garden in Berkeley, CA, San Francisco Botanical Garden, Gardens at Heather Farm, the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the California School of Herbal Studies, and a number of other venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Tellur is the owner/director of the Blue Wind Botanical Medicine Clinic located in Oakland, CA.

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